The application period for the second stage of energy renovation of multi-family residential buildings with co-financing of 20% is extended until March 28 inclusive.

It is being extended for the second time. 

The mayors, who this week gathered at their first general assembly after the local elections, requested the initiation of actions to facilitate the inclusion of citizens in the second stage of the program, BNR explains.

The mayor of Kyustendil, Eng. Ognyan Atanasov, pointed out the arguments: "There will be a financial resource for stage 2. This has been my prediction for a long time. Our municipality has applied for 6 blocks, which exceeded my expectations in principle due to the co-financing".

According to him, co-financing should not be the same everywhere.

In Sofia, for example, the incomes are much higher, he stressed, and appeals to the Ministry of Finance to have a different percentage of co-financing according to the financial indicators in a given area.

For Kyustendil, in his words, more than 5% co-financing is not working.

Engineer Atanasov believes that the percentage should be zero for the most difficult areas in the country. 

"When the financial instruments come in, people must be explained that they already have a financial commitment. Here we can fall into the hypothesis - if after years they stop paying - it can actually lead to sanctions, loss of property. So far, this there was no problem because there was no financial instrument. But when there is a financial instrument, when a bank or company also intervenes, things become different. Owners must be well informed and make their informed choice," warned the mayor of Kyustendil. 

According to him, the criteria are completely impartial and everyone can calculate their points. 

Citizens should bear in mind that the certificate for the energy performance of buildings in operation is valid for up to 10 years.

The mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov, Daniel Dimitrov Panov, is a Bulgarian politician, born on October 4, 1967 in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, recalled the national program requested by the Association to support the rehabilitation of all buildings whose owners applied but were left out of the ranking. 

Talks in this direction have already been held with regional minister Andrey Tsekov. Andrei Tsekov was born in Sofia on April 13, 1973. On June 6, 2023, he was elected minister of regional affairs,

explained Panov. 

"All multi-family buildings that remain on the reserve list be funded within a period of 3 years with a certain amount each year so that they can all be included in this program. All residents of these buildings have paid their energy examination, passporting, and it is right, after they have participated and have fewer points than those ranked, that a national fund should also be provided to help them". 

The Deputy Minister of Regional Development Angelina Boneva explained that the end of free sanitation has come.

The designs and energy surveys are checked again manually to proceed with the conclusion of the contracts. 

The ranking is valid, we are checking it once more, Boneva said categorically. 

"MRRB is not responsible for energy certificates. There are 2-3 cases out of 2,000 that are returned to the ranking," she explained. 

According to her, there are no massive violations or frauds, but there are individual cases of both frauds and errors and attempts to falsify data.

With us, due to the many complaints and interest, we do a manual check of each evaluation so that there are no doubts, the Deputy Minister pointed out. 

We have the hope and the assurance of Minister Tsekov that we will negotiate a little bit of the funds to be able to cover if someone was omitted from the initial list, said Boneva.

She also explained about the extension of the deadline for the application under stage 2 of the program for energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings.

The aim is to include more buildings:

"What we can do is to encourage the municipalities, and also to extend the deadline for the municipalities to submit by one or two weeks. The resource has not been exhausted yet, because the buildings are small. There is another BGN 470 million and there is still possibility, since the number of projects is large. According to the 80/20 scheme, if there is interest, there is a readiness for negotiations with the Commission to supplement this resource".

The Municipality of Straldzha is preparing an objection to the MRRD regarding the remediation

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