The 3 (very different) border realities.

What will Milei say in the Argentine Congress?

They reject the comments of priests who pray for "Pope Francis to go to heaven."

Here's what you need to know to start the day.

 First the truth.

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1. Massacre in Gaza

One of the worst tragedies during Israel's war against Hamas occurred Thursday, when dozens of Palestinians died while trying to get food aid in Gaza City.

2. The three (very different) realities on the border

Three completely different realities were shown on Thursday on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Trump's, Biden's, and the reality experienced by children and families facing hunger and hypothermia in open-air camps along the border.

  • Migrant children suffer cold and hunger in border shelters, lawsuit says

  • Federal judge blocks enforcement of controversial Texas immigration law

Biden and Trump visit the US southern border 8:32

3. Two priests wish that Pope Francis “goes to heaven”

The Archbishopric of Toledo reported this Wednesday through a statement its profound rejection of the statements of two priests of said archbishopric, who, during a gathering program between priests called "The sacristy of La Vendée", expressed that they should "pray for May the Pope go to heaven as soon as possible."


4. What will Milei say in the Argentine Congress?

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, will inaugurate the regular session of Congress for the first time this Friday at 9 pm Buenos Aires time (7 pm Miami time).

“The president is working on his speech,” said spokesman Manuel Adorni.

What will be its axes?

The economic results and “what is coming,” alleged irregularities of the previous government and “a surprise,” an Argentine government source told CNN.

5. Chile rejects any connection to the alleged kidnapping of Ronald Ojeda

The Minister of the Interior of Chile, Carolina Tohá, rejected this Tuesday the reports published in a Venezuelan media that mention an alleged collaboration between the Chilean Government and the Venezuelan authorities in the alleged kidnapping of Ronald Ojeda, a Venezuelan citizen residing in Chile and whose whereabouts unknown as of last week.

At coffee time

Pogba says he will appeal 4-year ban for doping in Italy

Paul Pogba was banned from football for four years, it was announced on Thursday, after testing positive for a banned substance in August 2023, according to Reuters.

Following Thursday's decision, Pogba said he will appeal, stating that he would "never do anything to increase [his] performance."

The story of the abandoned girl who became one of the most outstanding pianists in Colombia

In Colombia, a black girl who was abandoned by her parents in the Palace of Fine Arts in Medellín, and who was adopted by the humble doormen of the place, became the most prominent pianist in that country.

A story of resilience, she fights against exclusion and racism that is a source of inspiration and respect for many Colombians.

Teresita Gómez, the woman who fought against racism through the piano 4:38

The story of Yulia Navalnaya

Who is Yulia Navalnaya, where does she come from and what chances does she have of facing the difficult and dangerous task of leading the Russian opposition to Putin?

Who is Yulia Navalnaya, the woman who challenges Putin?


La Manada Case: the rape that outraged Spain and changed its history

June 21, 2019 is a date that was marked in the memory of many in Spain.

That is the day on which the Supreme Court sentenced the five men known as La Manada to 15 years in prison, for the continued crime of raping an 18-year-old girl during the 2016 Sanfermines.

Canada imposes new requirements for the entry of Mexicans: what are they?

The Government of Canada announced this Thursday the new requirements for electronic travel authorizations and visitor visas for Mexican citizens.

The figure of the day

435,000 hectares

The Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas is the largest on record in the state, surpassing the East Amarillo Complex Fire in 2006. As of Thursday, the Smokehouse Creek Fire had scorched 435,000 hectares.

Video shows the damage left by the wildfires in Texas 0:43

The quote of the day

"The situation has worsened"

In a report published this Thursday, the Group of Human Rights Experts on Nicaragua called on the Government of President Daniel Ortega to be held accountable for considering that it persecutes its own people, perpetrates crimes against the opposition and eliminates the social mobilization initiative.

What does the UN say about human rights in Nicaragua?


And to finish...

A documentary reveals the mysterious hits of the Titan submersible

A documentary reveals mysterious blows on the Titan submersible 0:31

A documentary with an upcoming premiere made public the audio of the mysterious blows coming from the Titan submersible during the search for the vessel and the five people who were traveling on board.