It became known how and through whom Russia wants to promote its narratives about "Maidan-3".

What messages testify to this, who has already bought into propaganda fables and why suddenly in Ukraine there is talk of a complete blocking of Telegram?

All the details were told in an exclusive story for by journalist Viktoriya Hnatiuk. 

Want to block Telegram?

In Ukraine, they suddenly started talking about blocking Telegram.

They said that Ukrainians will be prohibited from using the application at all.

In the Internet, it is clear that there has been an uproar, because Telegram is currently replacing news resources and television for people.

It is there that they most quickly report on where Russian missiles are flying, on the consequences and, in general, briefly on the main things that are happening in the country and the world.

However, the other day the Verkhovna Rada noted the need to find ways to ban Telegram in Ukraine.

The corresponding initiative was proposed by the Committee on Freedom of Speech.

The head of this Committee, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, emphasized that the idea of ​​this meeting was to hear about the painful aspects related to the work of journalists in the conditions of war, and the ethical challenges posed by such an emergency.

In particular, during the discussions, the chairman of the board of the public organization "Internews-Ukraine" Konstantin Kvurt called the platform unfriendly.

"It is important to adopt European practices, so that we are not persecuted for "obstructing freedom of speech".

Let's actively promote European practices of combating unfriendly technological platforms." 

How realistic is it to ban Telegram in Ukraine? 

And there is a bit of truth here, because the telegram belongs to the entrepreneur, Russian Pavel Durov, although he has not lived in the aggressor country for a long time.

At the same time, Andriy Kovalenko, the head of the center for countering disinformation at the National Security Council, emphasized that it is impossible to ban or block Telegram in Ukraine, and at the moment this issue is not very acute.

According to him, it is necessary to separate the media in Telegram that people read, as well as communication in Telegram among themselves.

Indeed, the application is quite popular and convenient, but it has many drawbacks.


Ehor Aushev, an expert from the NGO "Institute for the Study of Cyber ​​War", explained. 

"In this messenger, a lot of information is distributed, in particular, rumors about our military in various anonymous groups.

There is also a lot of child pornography and the sale of prohibited substances.

No one can influence this, and this is the problem with which we all live today."

Tips from the cyber police  

By the way, about communication in Telegram.

Interestingly, the US Central Intelligence Agency has increasingly begun to use OSINT, that is, intelligence from open sources, in its work.

However, despite this, the government categorically forbids its analysts to use the Telegram messenger.

Therefore, the cyber police advise you to think before sending photos and videos of the consequences of Russian shelling, because there is a risk that the application is controlled by Russian special services and the information can simply be intercepted.

Oleksiy Pivtorak, deputy head of the Media Detector Research Center, emphasized that Telegram is not the only messenger in the world where you can gather information and communicate: "

And if you don't use Telegram, the world will not fall.

It seems that you can live without Telegram, and nothing will suffer."

What is the alternative?

Is it possible to ban telegrams in Ukraine at all and what are the alternatives, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech, explained. 

Russia is massively buying up Ukrainian Telegram channels

But there is one more but.

And without that, the frenzied flow of propaganda can multiply.

The other day, Ukrainian intelligence made a statement that the Russian Federation is now buying up Ukrainian Telegram channels in order to further warm the ground for "Maidan-3" and through which messages necessary for Moscow will be sent later.

Bot farms are also being created to amplify Russian rhetoric in social networks. 

"Now, literally in real time, there is active "purchasing" of various tools — starting from Telegram channels, pages in various social networks, and reaching out to leaders of public opinion.

Every time we hear such narratives that shake our country from the inside, that delegitimize the adoption of state decisions, we will understand for whom these narratives work."

Did the Russian Federation bribe Ukrainians? 

In addition, HUR representative Andriy Yusov was shocked that, in addition to Telegram channels, the Russian Federation has already bribed several famous Ukrainians who will call on people to overthrow the government. 

"I cannot name specific names now.

There are lists of people on whom the enemy works, and there is a task to attract them to spread their rhetoric and influence the socio-political situation in the country.

These are dozens of people, if we talk about influential categories.

Not directly, that is, it does not always mean that someone with a "red star" addresses the person.

It can be an outlet for intermediaries through neutral topics.

The main thing is to intersperse those narratives that the enemy needs.

This work, its attempts, take place both in Ukraine and abroad."

The most expensive special operation in Russia

By the way, the President of Ukraine warned in November 2023 that a plan under the code name "Maidan-3" was being prepared to split Ukrainian society and overthrow the government.

According to the intelligence, as of February, Russia has already spent one and a half billion on this development, which has become the most expensive special operation of the Russian Federation. 

However, we urge Ukrainians not to fall for Russia's propaganda.

During the war, the so-called "Maidan-3" was primarily a danger for the Ukrainians themselves.

The people really have to control the power and only the people can change life in their own country, but not when it is in the hands of the enemy. 

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