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This is what the IMF says about Javier Milei's policies

This is what the IMF says about Javier Milei's policies 1:17

11 mins ago

Where is Milei's link with the US going?

By Manuela Castro

Two photos in less than 48 hours.

The first: Javier Milei waves from the balcony of Casa Rosada, hand raised.

Next to him, the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, imitates the gesture.

They both smile.

The second: Milei, with the emotion of a child who meets Messi, looks into Donald Trump's eyes while he squeezes his hand.

It is the most anticipated meeting.

Blinken already knew that Milei would seek to meet with Trump on American soil immediately after seeing him, but he still declared to the press that the meeting had been “incredibly positive.”

That is, not conducive, not good but “incredibly positive.”

This brings us to a couple of questions.

What is the Argentine president playing with the US?

Why does Joe Biden's North American government have such favorable statements?


16 mins ago

Economy, allegations of possible corruption and “a surprise”

By Ignacio Grimaldi

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, will inaugurate the regular session of Congress for the first time this Friday at 9 pm Buenos Aires time (7 pm Miami time).

“The president is working on his speech,” said spokesman Manuel Adorni.

What will be its axes?

The economic results and “what is coming”, alleged irregularities of the previous government and “a surprise,” an Argentine government source told CNN.

There are two determinations about Milei's speech that differentiate it from his predecessors: the time and the place.

Usually, the president of Argentina opens the regular session of Congress with a speech delivered around noon.

However, Milei will do it at night “so that all people can see it,” according to the official explanation.

Milei is not expected to deliver his speech from the traditional place where presidents sit in Congress, which is the chair of the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.

In this case, a lectern has been prepared in front of such a chair that would place the president at the same height as the legislators seated inside the room.

This is the second time that the president “breaks” a traditional political protocol.

When he took office on December 10, 2023, he gave his first speech outside Congress, unlike previous leaders.


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