Tractors and farmers gather near the Ministry of Agriculture during a protest by farmers and ranchers in Madrid.

Photo: Europa Press.

The mobilizations of Spanish farmers continue and almost four weeks after the so-called “tractor revolt” began, with seeds in France

, rural people continue to demand concrete measures to improve their situation.

In Spain the protest is spread throughout the country, although on this day the main events were concentrated in Aragon, in a demonstration in Zaragoza, where there were even clashes between riot police and farmers who tried to reach the doors of the regional Parliament. .

The Aragonese farmers gathered in the center of Zaragoza, with their tractors and their banners, in which they demanded a change in European agricultural policy and urgent aid to alleviate the effects of the drought.

At one point, a group of about 300 people tried to go to the regional Parliament, where they intended to gather indefinitely.

It was then that the police decided to intervene and violently prevent him from passing.

The Ministry of the Interior itself, chaired by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, acknowledged in a statement that during the protest there were “moments of tension and violent episodes” because “the farmers tried without success to access the headquarters of the Cortes of Aragon.”

The preliminary report indicates that as a result of the clashes there is at least one farmer injured, who had to be transported by ambulance.


the farmers continued with their protests in Catalonia

, especially on the AP-7 and N-II highways and some more blockades of regional roads, although after a meeting with the regional government, chaired by the pro-independence Pere Aragonés, they decided finally lift the concentrations while waiting for their demands to be addressed.

Peaceful concentrations were also recorded in Castilla-La Mancha, especially in the vicinity of the city of Toledo, and in Andalusia, in Granada and Seville.

The organizations in the sector announced that next week they will decide the roadmap they will follow to maintain pressure on national and European governments, which are the ones that finally have the power to assume their demands.

Arrests in Paris

In Paris, also in a concentration of farmers with their tractors, the arrest of 66 people who blocked the central Champs-Elysées street for a few hours with their vehicles and bales of straw was reported.

According to the version of the union that called the mobilization, Rural Coordination, the demonstration was “symbolic and peaceful” and had the objective of reaching the palace of Versailles, but on the way a group of farmers decided to detour a little to place a bouquet of flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier, at the Arc de Triomphe, “to pay tribute to all the farmers who commit suicide.

It was then that the police decided to act.

(With information from La Jornada)