German Chancellor Olaf Scholz named the real reason why his government does not want to transfer long-range weapons to Ukraine.

These are German Taurus missiles with a range of up to 500 km.

Why, in the third year of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Europe, are they still so afraid of "upsetting" the Kremlin, is it true that the Germans no longer believe in NATO, and when will Ukraine receive long-range missiles from its partners?

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Are Europeans afraid to "bother" Putin?!

Two long years have already passed since February 24, 2022, and it turns out that Ukraine's European partners are still very afraid of Russia.

The Kremlin has been intimidating the whole world for years and even drew so-called "red lines".

First, they promised to use nuclear weapons if Ukraine strikes the Crimean bridge, and then Moscow.

When Malyuk's boys blew up Putin's fortress, and then bombed Moscow with drones, the Kremlin immediately fell silent and no longer threatened.

But the Europeans, it seems, did not understand anything.

On March 1, 2024, this sad assumption was confirmed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Ukraine has long needed long-range missiles that could hit objects behind enemy lines.

The British and French were the first to help Ukraine in this matter, handing Storm Shadow and Scalp-EG missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Subsequently, Ukraine also received American ATACMS.

The only thing missing is the German Taurus - there are a lot of them in Germany and they are longer-range than all their counterparts.

But Scholz is afraid to pass them on.

"A cruise missile with a flight range of 500 kilometers is a weapon that, if used incorrectly, can reach a specific target somewhere in Moscow," said Scholz

, quoted by Tagesschau.

He added that Britain and France, which have already delivered long-range missiles to Ukraine, "made sure to know what was landing and where."

According to Scholz, for the deployment of such missiles in Ukraine, the participation of Germany will be mandatory and "there is no question about this".

In addition, Scholz is very "annoyed" by the fact that everyone is discussing the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine and allegedly forgets that Berlin helps Kyiv almost the most compared to others.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: SCHOLTZ IS AFRAID THAT UKRAINE WILL HIT THE KREMLIN WITH ROCKETS!

A sensational statement!

Why does Scholz hesitate?

Regarding aid, he is definitely right, because Germany is the second-highest level of support for Ukraine after the USA.

However, Scholz must know that any help, first of all, should come when it is most needed.

This was the case with British and French rockets.

They allowed Ukraine to regularly attack the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and have definitely contributed to the future liberation of Crimea.

If you help out of time, you risk receiving criticism.

It is not for nothing that the majority of Ukrainians still remember the 5,000 helmets that the Germans, as if burying Ukraine, handed over before the start of the full-scale operation.

German Taurus missile / Photo: Associated Press

Did the Germans support Scholz?

But in Germany, Scholz's decision was supported.

And that's not all.

The well-known German journalist and host of the ARD TV channel Michael Price explained the position of the Germans in detail.

It turns out that the Germans are not just afraid of Moscow, but are afraid of being alone with the Kremlin in the event of war!

"And what about NATO?"

- you ask.

The Germans no longer count on the Alliance.

"If you look at the map of Ukraine and go to the Chernihiv region in the north, you can see: 500 km - and you are in Moscow. All military experts say that this weapon is very accurate and powerful. So if they say that the target is the Kremlin, then it will hit the Kremlin as well! That is why the question arises: can such a weapon be released from the hands? The Chancellor says: no, it is not possible! If you do not release it from the hands and send the soldiers along with it, you will have to make a decision about it in the parliament, and then you , will obviously be at war. If the Taurus are indeed perceived by Russia as an escalation and lead to aggression against Germany, then unlike London or Paris,

we will not be able to provide a deterrent response as we are not a nuclear power.

Then we would turn to London , Paris or Washington: now this is your mission. But how to guarantee it? So I can understand the anxiety and caution [of the chancellor]," said German TV presenter Michael Price.

This is a blow to NATO!

Scholz's words and the position of the German government regarding the transfer of missiles to Ukraine

literally hit the unity of NATO and clearly play into the hands of the Kremlin


Ukrainian military correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko explained how the fear of Europeans plays into Moscow:

"I am convinced that both Scholz's position on "Taurus" and this manipulative interpretation of it in the media (it is not possible in Moscow, but it is possible in Kaluga?) play into the hands of the Russians.

The conclusions that the researchers will make:

People's deputy of Ukraine Yehor Chernev also expressed his vision of the situation.

He says

that perhaps Scholz has some personal agreements with the Kremlin:

"Sholz came up with a new excuse not to give us the Tauruses. Supposedly, we can hit Moscow with them. And it's nothing that many countries have long handed us weapons that can be used to hit the territory of Russia, and we have never violated the terms. Obviously, for by Scholz's logic, we just lurked to lure the missiles to him, and then hit him. And there is no grass growing there. Maybe he really is so intimidated, or he has some non-public agreements with the Kremlin specifically regarding missiles, but it is difficult to explain such stubbornness . In general, Scholz helps us a lot, and we are very grateful to him for that. But

he could invent something more believable about Taurus."

Macron's statement about sending troops to Ukraine and relations with Scholz

Official Paris began to make unexpectedly bold statements.

On February 29, French President Emmanuel Macron put all the dots over the "i" and confirmed once again that Paris is seriously considering sending troops to Ukraine and is ready to discuss it with its allies!

Despite the fact that Macron's words caused quite a stir and the immediate reaction of several leaders of NATO countries, he does not give up on them:

"These are quite serious questions. Every word I say on this matter is considered, considered and considered."

It is not for nothing that rumors appeared in the media

that Macron and Scholz are openly in conflict!

According to Bloomberg, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz strongly disagree on military aid to Ukraine.

Scholz is dissatisfied with Macron, that he allows himself aggressive rhetoric, but does not help Ukraine enough.

The French, on the other hand, whisper to the Germans for their cowardice.

Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz / Photo: Getty Images

According to Bloomberg, the disagreements highlight the two leaders' long-standing difficulties in working together, their different styles in politics, and how these tensions could spill over and jeopardize the course of the war.

According to one French official, Macron sees Scholz as a leader without courage or ambition who cannot think beyond the short term.

Close aides of the chancellor also admit that they do not get along with Macron.

In Berlin, Macron is perceived as a monarchist who is better at issuing grandiose visions than implementing them.


Despite this, they were welcomed in some countries bordering Russia.

Despite the fact that the leaders of the USA, Poland and Scholz himself said that they would not send their troops to Ukraine, Macron's call had a good effect.

Are NATO ready to send troops to Ukraine?!

If anything, consider this option in Latvia and even in the Netherlands.

And all this against the background of the fact that Putin promised "tragic consequences" to countries that send their soldiers to help Kyiv.

This is the kind of pressure and confidence that everyone expects from allies, isn't it true?

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