Ukrainian intelligence is seriously worried that


can break through Ukrainian defenses by the summer of 2024.

As Bloomberg writes, significant advances of the Russian army became possible due to the lack of shells and equipment in the Armed Forces.

The enemy does not stop for a moment and presses in several directions at once, and the Ukrainian fighters are forced to sit on "hungry rations" and save every projectile!

The situation is so complicated that even Kyiv and Odesa may be under threat.

How the war will develop in the spring of 2024, whether Ukraine should expect US help and when the Armed Forces will go on the offensive again - in

an exclusive article by journalist Artem Zyabkin for

Putin still hasn't given up on his strategic goal in Ukraine and seriously hopes to capture Kyiv and Odessa.

According to Bloomberg, citing its own sources familiar with the analysis presented by Ukrainian intelligence, by the summer of 2024 Russia will try to break through Ukrainian defenses at the front.

Russia has the initiative on the front

The Russian occupiers have already seized the initiative, and their powerful pressure is already being felt by fighters across the front.

The Ukrainian military often has nothing to answer the invaders - there is simply not enough ammunition, and the ones that are available have to be saved and used selectively.

Sometimes there are signs of other problems that cannot be avoided in any army.

Bloomberg notes that in Kyiv, assessments of the situation on the battlefield are becoming increasingly gloomy, as the Defense Forces of Ukraine try to contain the attacks of the occupiers while distributing the number of shells they can fire.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi, said on February 29 that the mistakes of front-line commanders exacerbated the problems faced by the Ukrainian defense around Avdiyivka.

Syrsky reported that he had sent more troops and ammunition to strengthen the positions of Ukrainian fighters.

Currently, the occupiers continue to put pressure on the Armed Forces near Avdiivka.

It is there that the fiercest battles continue.

On February 27, the operational-strategic group of troops "Tavria" reported the sad news that the Defense Forces, under enemy pressure, were forced to immediately leave two villages near Avdiivka: Stepove and Severne.

Russian propagandists said that Russian militants also captured Orlivka.

Another rashist lie.

"The situation in the area of ​​the operation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine remains difficult," noted Oleksandr Syrskyi. the settlements of Tonenke, Orlivka, Semenivka, Berdychi, Krasnohorivka. Fierce battles continue in the areas of Verbove and Robotine, over which the enemy is trying to regain control. I want to note the courage, resilience and heroism of the servicemen of the 3rd assault and 25th separate airborne brigades. They are brave and determined actions knocked out the enemy who broke through to the outskirts of Orlivka. I continue to work, together to Victory!"

"Pessimism" on Bankova?!

American journalists claim that Kyiv and its partners are increasingly pessimistic about the situation.

Most of all, the same serious lack of foreign aid, namely from the United States of America, is indicated.

Not so long ago, the Senate did agree to allocate 60 billion dollars for Ukraine, but the House of Representatives of the US Congress has the final say.

Here is the problem - the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, flatly refuses to even put the issue of Ukraine to a vote.

As he himself says, all because of unresolved issues on the border with Mexico.

The situation in Washington is so tense that one of Johnson's colleagues - Republican Brian Fitzpark - proposes to remove and thus bypass the odious speaker.

Several of his colleagues, on the condition of anonymity, said that they are ready to remove Johnson if he blocks aid to Ukraine in March as well.

Johnson's "petition for dismissal" is ready.

"We have to do something. It's existential, it's time-sensitive. Whether it's our actions or someone else's, we just need to get them (Ukraine - ed.) money. The petition will be ready for signing by the beginning of March, and I hope that it will get some Republican signatures. There are more Republicans (willing to support the petition - ed.) than you think. A lot of people know it's the right thing to do," said US Congressman Brian Fitzpark.

If the aid is not agreed, then "Ukraine may start losing the war this year."

This disappointing assessment was given by a well-known expert, a specialist in Russia and Ukraine at the Carnegie Foundation, Michael Kofman. 

Meanwhile, Putin still hasn't changed his plans for Ukraine.

According to the assessment of Ukrainian intelligence, with which Bloomberg journalists got acquainted, large Ukrainian cities, in particular Odesa and Kyiv, remain key for the Kremlin dictator.

By seizing the southern capital of Ukraine, Putin would be able to implement the plan he had back in 2022 – to cut off the south of Ukraine, cut it off from the sea, thereby taking away the opportunity to export grain and other products.

In addition, right behind Odesa is the pro-Russian Transnistria, through which the Kremlin could push further - to Moldova.

While the West is still hesitating, Putin has the opportunity to better plan a new large-scale offensive.

"A person close to the Ukrainian leadership said that depending on the results of the current campaign on the front, Russia will decide whether to continue a slow or rapid advance, or to accumulate resources for a larger strike to break through Ukrainian lines this summer. The publication quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who 25 In February, he said that the lack of ammunition is affecting the situation on the battlefield. He also warned that the Russian Federation is planning a new offensive in the spring or early summer," writes Bloomberg.

Kyiv may also come under the crosshairs of the Russian occupiers again, journalists write.

And in the capital they are seriously preparing for this.


an exclusive interview with

, Serhii Popko, head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, detailed how the capital is preparing for a possible re-invasion of the orcs.

He stated that Kyiv has several lines of defense, while the first of them was placed specifically away from the city to precisely protect Kyivans from Russian artillery fire.

The total length of the defensive lines of the city exceeds 1000 kilometers.

Permanent military exercises are also held in Kyiv. 

"Intelligence is closely monitoring the forces and means of the enemy. We see that in the Republic of Belarus, checks of the combat readiness of their armed forces, various trainings, etc. are systematically taking place... There are Russian troops, aviation, and heavy equipment in Belarus, but in small numbers. They are mostly are there on a rotational basis or on a restored basis. In addition, in the areas adjacent to the border, the enemy keeps a certain contingent of troops, uses sabotage and reconnaissance groups to destabilize the situation on the border - all this is to prevent the Ukrainian army from transferring additional forces to the front, to the south and east . But today our intelligence and the intelligence of our partners do not record the creation of strike groups that could carry a threat from the northern direction. The situation is stable and under control. However, no one has fully removed the military threat from the northern direction. Therefore, attention is constantly paid to the defense of the capital," - Serhii Popko, head of the KMVA, noted.

Kharkiv region is also restless.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation has not stopped trying to seize Ukrainian Kharkiv.

The city suffers almost daily from enemy shelling.

The Russian occupiers are constantly bombarding the regional center and its surroundings with missiles from S-300 complexes, Iskander air defense systems, and even from North Korean KN-23s.

It seems that Kharkiv is again in the plans of the Rashists, as evidenced by the activity of Russian troops near Kupyansk.

According to independent observers and experts, the Russians have gathered more than 100,000 soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment around the city.

However, the ZSU assures that Kharkiv Oblast is still not enough for the orcs.

"At the moment, the enemy is really withdrawing its main reserves near the settlement of Sinkivka, where it is moving Storm-Z and Storm-V units. The Russians are also trying to press near Siverskyi. That is, the enemy is trying to press from several directions at once, trying to find a weak gap in our defense for the development of the offensive. The enemy actively uses aviation, artillery, UAVs. The enemy suffers heavy losses every day. Every third company in their battalions is an assault company. Since the end of summer, powerful engineering works, fortifications, rows of anti-tank ditches were built, and "dragon's teeth", which are fastened together with iron cables. There is powerful mining, both with anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines. That is, there are many engineering barriers with the arrangement of strong points and the installation of heavy concrete defensive structures. Our task, in conditions of ammunition shortage, to establish and occupy the most powerful lines and inflict irreparable losses on the enemy.

We are currently on the defensive, and our task is to wear down the enemy's offensive potential.

The intensity of the fighting is crazy, and now it is reaching its peak," said Ilya Yevlash, head of the press service of the "Khortytsia" OSU.

Is Russia capable of a large-scale offensive?

Is Russia capable of a large-scale offensive?

Here, the opinions of experts differ somewhat, however, as the head of the NATO military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, said earlier, despite the lack of ammunition and equipment, the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union are showing insane results.

Bauer said that Putin "has more artillery, he has the ability to replace a certain number of missiles that he uses every month, but he has not been completely successful in terms of increasing, for example, the number of tanks and armored vehicles."

The admiral also pointed to recent Ukrainian reports that despite the loss of Avdiyivka, the occupiers were dying at a high rate: seven enemy fighters for every Ukrainian soldier.

"The ratio of one to seven means that he will need a lot of strength to defeat the Ukrainians," Bauer estimated in a Bloomberg comment.

In Ukraine, unfortunately, there are not many options.

In Kyiv, they still count on the help of allies, in particular from the States, and until then Ukraine will fight for the only correct and possible strategy.

Currently, the main task is to save as many fighters as possible and, at the same time, to wear down the enemy's forces so much that he, at least for a while, abandons his invasion plans.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning their offensive already in 2025, the head of the GUR Budanov said.

Defense forces need time to contain the enemy and accumulate strength. 

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We will remind you that Bloomberg wrote that Ukrainian officials are concerned that 

the advance of Russian troops may gain significant momentum by the summer

if Kyiv's allies cannot increase the supply of ammunition.