The airport "Boryspil" said that in Ukraine they are working on the concept of operation of airports under martial law. 

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Inna Bodnar.

Statements of representatives of the authorities regarding the operation of airports

Andrii Yermak again emphasized this week that they are working to partially open the sky over Ukraine.

"We are working on opening one of the airports, but this will happen only when all security issues are at a level where it is possible to do," he said.

Danilov, the secretary of the NSDC, also spoke about the need for security guarantees this week.

According to him, Boryspil airport will not work until they are gone. 

Boryspil Airport is ready to start serving passengers even in 3 weeks

Boryspil Airport opened the doors of one of its terminals exclusively for TSN.

They emphasize that everything inside is working and ready to receive travelers.

The tour of the TSN is conducted by the head of the group for the restoration of operational activity Ihor Ryabokon.

This is a new position that appeared with the beginning of martial law.

In order for the resort to function, technical support of everything is constantly carried out here.

They even conduct technical aircraft races.

Boryspil Airport

"Regarding the direct Boryspil airport, in order to start serving flights according to the schedule, yes, we need about 3 weeks," said the head of the group for the recovery of operational activities of the Boryspil airport, Ihor Ryabokon.

The airport is kept in working condition by up to seven hundred employees who go to work every day.

This summer, society was stirred by the information that Boryspil airport announced a tender for cleaning the premises for over 50 million hryvnias.

They assure that the funds were not spent because the tender did not take place.

Boryspil Airport

Ukraine is studying the experience of Israel

The airport does not know when civil aviation will resume in the country.

Because it is decided at another level.

However, the experience of other countries, in particular Israel, is being studied.

There, even during the last escalation, the airports were working and official delegations were flying in.

The situation in Ukraine is somewhat different.

The airport reported that they are currently working on a document that prescribes how to carry out flights under martial law.

In particular, step-by-step instructions on what to do when there is an air alert and the plane is in the air, whether it is landing or taking off.

There is also a detailed algorithm of actions for passengers.

Currently, this document is being studied by international partners.

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