Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot and current CM Bhajanlal Sharma.

Rajasthan Politics:

Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot on Friday made a scathing attack on the BJP government of the state.

After shifting to the new house of bungalow number 49 situated on Civil Lines, Congress leader Ashok Gehlot held a press conference and made many allegations against the Bhajanlal government.

He said, 'Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan is running with 'remote control'.

In fact, Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant is doing the work of the Chief Minister.

He is the de facto CM of Rajasthan.

Here the Deputy CM rules more than the CM.

They have more power.

During this, Ashok Gehlot also raised the demand to withdraw the state government's decision to close Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitra Yojana and said that it should be started again.

Now a counter attack has come out from BJP on this statement of Gehlot.

BJP has given open challenge to former CM Ashok Gehlot.

Gehlot should discuss the work of two months: Meghwal

In fact, on Friday, at the BJP state office, Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal hit back at the statement of former CM Ashok Gehlot and gave him an open challenge.

Union Minister Arjunram Meghwal said that the BJP government is in a strong position.

Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has taken historic decisions during his two-month tenure, keeping in mind the interests of the people of the state.

Former CM Gehlot should discuss the work done during the 2 months tenure of his government!

Gehlot is making allegations out of frustration of defeat

Former CM Gehlot should discuss the public manifesto of Congress and the manifesto of BJP on an open platform before the public, but he will not do so.

In such a situation, former CM Ashok Gehlot's allegations against Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma are baseless, Gehlot's statement reflects his state of mind.

Former CM Gehlot does not give statement keeping in mind the actual situation, he is frustrated by the defeat of the assembly and out of compulsion, blames the Chief Minister or BJP.

During Gehlot's rule, the fight between Sachin Pilot and him was going on for power. 

Achievements of BJP government also counted

Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said that he does not know what former CM Ashok Gehlot says?

Earlier too he had given unrestrained statements about the government.

A strong government of Bharatiya Janata Party is working in the state.

Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma started working towards fulfilling the promises made in the BJP's resolution letter, one after the other.

Be it ERCP, Yamuna water agreement, Ujjwala LPG scheme for Rs 450, formation of SIT in paper leak case, formation of anti-Romani task force to stop crimes against women, formation of anti-gangster task force to curb crimes. Why not?

Keeping in mind the public interests, the Chief Minister took historic decisions in his tenure of just 2 months.  

Dissatisfaction in Congress itself, example of Himachal comes to the fore

Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said that Gehlot is saying that the fear of ED is being shown, I want to ask Gehlot ji that he had 40 MLAs in Himachal Pradesh, whose fear was shown there, there is dissatisfaction within the Congress itself. Is.

Former CM Gehlot is not even able to assess the dissatisfaction in Congress.

Gehlot is unable to control his leaders and then blames others.

The Constitution of India has three organs: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Governance is good only when there is better coordination among these three.

We have a resolve to provide good governance and development, we are working in that direction.

If Gehlot looks at the works of 2 months of his rule, nothing will come to light.

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