On the border

of Poland

and Ukraine, at the "Krakivets-Korchova" CCP on March 1, the situation escalated after Polish truck drivers joined the protests.  

This is reported by "European Truth".

According to Ukrainian drivers, on Friday morning, March 1, the police reported a decrease in the number of cars that can cross the border every hour.

On February 29, up to 26 trucks crossed the border, until March 1, protesters set a limit of one vehicle per hour.

"The Ukrainian drivers went to negotiate with the protesters. Instead, the Polish police and special forces surrounded the Ukrainian drivers, dividing them into several groups. According to the Ukrainian drivers, the Polish police did not allow them to approach the Polish protesters, surrounded them and did not even allow them to return to their cars and campsites," the publication writes.

The blockade lasted for at least two hours.

As of now, police have lifted the blockade and allowed drivers to return to their cars.

However, the speed of passing cars across the border did not increase.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland stated that they are aware of this situation and are in constant dialogue with the Polish police.

We will remind you that the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk said the other day that

Poland and Ukraine can temporarily close the border.

He also announced that

Poland will add border crossings with Ukraine, sections of highways and railways to the list of critical infrastructure objects

in order to supply weapons and humanitarian aid to remove obstacles on the border.