Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly hinted that he would be open to negotiations on ending the war in Ukraine on Moscow's terms.

The contours of the agreement desired by Russia can be seen in the draft peace treaty, which was developed by the Russian and Ukrainian negotiators in April 2022.

This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The document, dated April 15, 2022, shows that the negotiators from Ukraine and the Russian Federation tried to end hostilities by agreeing to turn Ukraine into a "permanently neutral state that does not participate in military blocs."

It was planned to deprive the state of the opportunity to rebuild its army with the support of the West, and also to leave the occupied Crimea under actual Russian control.

Draft peace agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in 2022

The draft peace agreement of 2022 provided for the following:

The future of the eastern regions of Ukraine , occupied by the enemy in 2014,

was not included

in the project .

It was assumed that this would be discussed during personal talks between Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Security guarantees for Ukraine - conditions in the draft agreement

The publication also informs that the peace agreement had to be guaranteed by foreign countries.

In particular, the list of such countries in the document includes the USA, Great Britain, China, France and Russia.

These states were entrusted with the duty to protect the neutrality of Ukraine in case of violation of the treaty.

However, while the treaty was in force, the guarantor countries were to "suspend international treaties and agreements incompatible with the permanent neutrality of Ukraine," including any promises of bilateral military aid.

It is noted that international security guarantees should not apply to Crimea and Sevastopol.

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Unsolved was the question of what would happen in the event of an attack on Ukraine

The WSJ noted that

other issues remained unresolved in the draft peace agreement, including what would happen if Ukraine was attacked.

"Russia wanted all guarantor states to agree on a response, which meant that a unified response would be unlikely if Russia itself were the aggressor. In the event of an attack on Ukraine, Ukrainian negotiators wanted its airspace closed, which would require from the guarantor states to ensure the no-fly zone and the provision of weapons by the guarantors, which was not approved by Russia," the publication says.

In addition, Russia wanted to add Belarus as a guarantor, and Ukraine - Turkey. 

The Ukrainian delegation highlighted in italics the text that shows the refusal to discuss the Russian clause on the demand from Kyiv to withdraw claims that it should fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, which prosecutes war crimes.

The Ukrainian negotiators also did not ratify the clause on the cancellation of all mutual sanctions.

"It also serves as a reminder of the compromises that Russia may try to force Ukraine to make if Western military support runs out and Russia gains significant territorial gains," the authors of the article summarized.

It will be recalled that in December 2023, the adviser to the head of the President's Office, Mykhailo Podolyak, reported that during the negotiations with the Russians in the spring of 2022, there was not even a likely option to exchange any concessions from Ukraine for the end of the war and the complete withdrawal of enemy troops in the potential draft peace agreement.

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