In the spring, Russia may make an attempt to organize mass protests in Ukraine - the so-called


in order to cause a military defeat in the east due to the destabilization of the situation inside the country.

According to the GUR, special operations are planned for March-May 2024.  

On the air of the telethon, the representative of the GUR, Andriy Yusov, named several names from the list of those whom the Russian Federation decided to involve in the subversive campaign against Ukraine.

Yes, on this list: the first deputy head of the administration of the President of Russia Serhiy Kiriyenko and the former assistant of Putin Vladyslav Surkov.

In addition, it contains the names of traitors to Ukraine who fled to Russia, as well as the names of those people who are currently in Ukraine.

"It is clear that all collaborators-traitors, who are currently sheltered by Moscow, will be involved in this in one way or another. Unfortunately, there is also a surname of those people who are currently in the territory of Ukraine as objects of influence. This does not mean that they have already given their consent. This information is being checked," Yusov said.

Yusov added that the Security Service of Ukraine and the defense security sector as a whole are working on this.

"Maidan-3" is an operation of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

At the end of 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, said that

Moscow seeks to sow division in Ukrainian society, creating "chaos" inside the country


The Kremlin is preparing a plan under the code name "Maidan-3" to overthrow the entire government of Ukraine, led by Zelensky himself.

The Verkhovna Rada also commented on this Russian plan.

They said that

"Maidan-3" is aimed at discouraging everyone within our country.

The enemy in his "Maidan-3" plan wants to destabilize the situation inside Ukraine, success for the Russians would be mass riots inside Ukraine and distrust of government decisions.


Yusov said

that of the $1.5 billion that the Russians allocated for this operation, $250 million went to the development of hostile projects in Telegram.

He said that the Russians started this activity back in the fall and have continued until June 2024.