The famous Ukrainian director and designer

Oleksiy Zalevskyi

told for the first time how he found out that he had bone necrosis, which he told the YouTube project "Alone".

As the doctors explained to Zalevsky, the cause of his bone necrosis could have been a severely transmitted coronavirus.

"I was under the LVL machine. I lived for almost a week. Then I had problems with my joints and muscles. And I gained weight, too, because I was injected with hormones," the designer told the "ZhVL" program.

According to Zalevsky, he did not believe that he would be able to collect the necessary amount for treatment and at first did not want to talk about his diagnosis at all, because there is a war in the country and many people need help. 

"Sometimes they write to me, they call me, they also ask for help. And how can I help when I myself live on 300 hryvnias a week? There is war all around, people have other problems. And here is a certain Zalevsky with his own problems. But now I understand that life goes on . And I am very, very grateful to the Ukrainians and everyone, both who responded and who called me. I really did not expect such a reaction," the designer admitted.

In less than a week, thanks to those who care,

the collection was closed


The preparatory process for the operation can already begin, but Oleksiy is getting ready for a very long treatment:

"It's not like I did one operation and that's it. And then, if I survive in 10-15 years, I'll also need to change my joints again. That's why this disease will be with me for a long time," the director explained.

Oleksiy's illness weakened him very rapidly. He says that he could neither stand nor lie down because of the pain in his back and legs:

"And the problem turned out to be in the musculoskeletal system, as they say. And my bones are dying, and they are already dead, and therefore it is not curable, it is only an operation, and there can be no other options," Zalevsky added.

Oleksiy Zalevsky / Photo: screenshot from the video

Oleksiy shared that old friends and clients remembered him, Natalya

Mogilevska posted

footage from the "Chance" program, where she worked together with Zalevsky, on the network.

Star colleagues who had not called him for years also called.

"Honestly, I was shocked when Andriy Danylko called. He called the editorial office, asked for my phone number, and then he says, I'm dialing your phone number, but it hasn't changed. I'm saying, but I also saw you and your phone number hasn't changed either . Although we didn't talk for about 8-10 years. He says: ``Oh, you're laughing.'' I say: ``It made me laugh.''

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