Another death of a conscript after visiting the TCC.

In the Military Commissariat in Ternopil Oblast, a man with epilepsy began to have seizures, no one was able to provide qualified medical assistance, and he later died.

And in Vinnytsia, an officer of the TCC with henchmen “smeared” men from the draft.

You will be shocked to learn who helped the officer and how much it cost to "become unfit for duty". 

The details of the high-profile incidents were told in an exclusive story for by journalist Viktoriya Panchenko. 

Corrupt TCC

In Vinnytsia, SBI employees exposed representatives of the TCC, who, for money, helped conscripted men avoid mobilization and leave Ukraine.

The law enforcement officers conducted searches in the Vinnytsia United Central Committee of the Central Committee and SP and at the place of residence of members of the criminal group.

Records from "black accounting", lists of conscripted men, forged medical certificates, as well as money in various currencies totaling over UAH 300,000 were discovered and seized.

The head of this criminal organization turned out to be an officer of the Vinnytsia draft department of the TCC.

His gang included two more members of the military medical commission — a traumatologist and a surgeon.

The officer sought out those willing to avoid the draft and received money from customers.

The scheme is banal, but effective and profitable.

From one client, the plots received four thousand dollars.

For this money, clients invented diagnoses and prepared relevant documents.

Such a scheme allowed not only to recognize "clients" as unfit for military service, but also to leave abroad.

But these are not all "good deeds" that "good" soldiers and doctors engaged in.

The main dealer also earned additional money by excluding customers from the electronic accounting system of men who have been issued a summons and who are required to appear at the TCC to undergo a medical examination.

Such a service cost customers another 1.5 thousand dollars.

It is interesting that the officer did not have official access to this system.

And then we wonder why all of Ukraine's plans are on the table in the Kremlin even before these plans begin to be implemented.

Illegal business flourished successfully from July 2023 to September 2023.

Then the dealers were exposed by the law enforcement officers.

Currently, the employees are removed from their positions.

All those involved face up to 9 years in prison.

He came to the TCC and died

While some "help the conscripts to avoid conscription, others - too "diligently" carry out the mobilization plan.

Unfortunately, such active actions of representatives of the TCC and VLK for some reason end fatally for those mobilized. 

So, in Ternopil region, a man who fainted in the TCC died.

The Special Prosecutor's Office has already taken control of this case and will check the actions of military personnel.

On February 29, at around 7 o'clock in the morning, the employees of police station No. 2 in the city of Buchach received a message from the doctor on duty that a 49-year-old resident of Chortkiv district had suddenly died in a medical facility.

However, two days before his death, the man arrived at the TCC to check his military registration documents and undergo a military medical examination.

Due to alcohol intoxication, he did not pass the medical examination.

Later, when the man came to the TCC again, his state of health deteriorated sharply - he began to have convulsions.

The police reported that according to preliminary data, the medics determined death, the cause of which was a craniocerebral injury due to the fact that the man fell to the ground and hit his head.

But the police did not find anything suspicious.

"During the examination of the body of the deceased, no visible injuries and traces of violent death were found.

To determine the cause of death, the man's body has been sent for a forensic medical examination."

As it turned out, the man was suffering from epilepsy, but for some reason he did not receive appropriate medical care in time when he began to have seizures.

Currently, the law enforcement officers have already registered criminal proceedings based on the fact of alleged abuse of power or official powers by military personnel.

The investigation is ongoing.

Sudden deaths in TCC

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of the death of conscripts after visiting the TCC.

We will remind that Mykola Irzaykin died on February 9, 2024 in Ternopil.

On February 1, he was sent to the training center of the TCC, and after 8 days, the person died.

The Ternopil Regional Center for Staffing and Social Support commented on the death of a conscript as follows:

Another similar incident shocked society the day before.

A man with epilepsy was mobilized in Odesa region and he died on the first day of service.

This was announced by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets.

The tragic incident happened in the summer of last year.

The details of this case are simply shocking.

As it turned out, the man was mobilized back in August 2023.

He passed the medical examination and immediately found himself in a military unit, where he became ill - several epileptic seizures occurred, after which the man died.

And all this on the first day after mobilization.

The network began to hint at the illegal actions of the TCC in this case.

After such statements, even more questions arise.

Why do the TCC mobilize people with epilepsy and heart disease, how could the doctors at the VLK write to these men that they are fit for service?

Did they not see the health problems and what exactly led to the fact that men had seizures and heart failure?

But these questions still remain unanswered.

When will the mobilization bill be adopted?

The most frightening thing is that all this horror is taking place against the background of the adoption of the mobilization bill.

Society is increasingly annoyed by the procrastination of this issue.

The number of amendments made to the document is huge — 4,000.

Probably, the new bill on mobilization will be adopted in the second reading only by the end of March.

Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, People's Deputy Fedir Venislavskyi said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Accordingly, the document will become operational only in April.

This is at best. 

"It is optimistic that the committee will be able to finish with amendments by March 10-15.

Pessimistically, by March 20, we will be able to consider them, form a committee opinion, vote and send the bill to the Council for a second reading.

That is, under both the optimistic and the pessimistic scenario, by the end of March, we have every chance to vote this bill in the second reading in the hall."

Is it all about bad commanders?

I wonder if the situation with mobilization will improve after the adoption of this draft law?

Because at the moment everything looks stale.

It turns out that almost half of men are not ready to mobilize.

They are afraid, in particular, of death and bad commanders.

Instead, 35% of men are ready to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is stated in the results of a sociological survey by the Info Sapiens research agency, commissioned by the data journalism agency.

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Fresh scandals with mobilization are shocking!