The President of Moldova, Maya Sandu, commented on the decision of the Transnistrian MPs and their appeal to Russia for diplomatic protection, stating that with its actions, Tiraspol hopes to receive funding from the Kremlin, the Kyiv-based Ukrinform news agency reported, cited by BTA.

"Tiraspol (the capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic) wants money, I see that they turned to Moscow and to international structures and organizations. At the same time, Russian propaganda is spreading this fabricated story (about the possible annexation of Transnistria)," Sandu said.

According to the head of state in Chisinau, Moscow is doing this to intimidate Moldovan citizens in view of the elections expected to be held in Moldova later this year.

"The Kremlin wants us to be scared, to be weak, to be ruled by corrupt people and to collude with corrupt politicians, as it has been for years. We cannot allow them to do this. We must keep the peace. Our peace depends on our unity and our ability not to be deceived," Sandu said.

"Today, Russia cannot do anything in Transnistria, even if it wanted to," said the Moldovan leader.

"In order to do something, Moscow must change the government in Chisinau," the president also said.

Pro-Russian separatists in Moldova asked Moscow for help

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