The former head of the US armed forces, Mark Milley, said that without Western support for Ukraine, Russia will eventually gain a strategic advantage that will be devastating.

He wrote about this in a Financial Times column.

"It will be tragic, because at this moment the Ukrainians will no longer be able to successfully defend themselves," says Milli. 

He is calling on Republicans in Congress to unblock aid because the withdrawal of support for Ukraine "signals a death blow" to the rules-based world order.

Milley believes that part of the problem is that Americans have recently fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and "they're pretty sick of perpetual wars."

But he reminds that such a world order "in many respects made the United States a very rich, powerful and effective country."

We will remind

, on March 1, US President Joe Biden signed a bill on the extension of temporary funding of the federal government, which allows to prevent a shutdown from the next day.