On the night of March 1, Lithuania 

closed two more checkpoints on the border with Belarus - Lavorishkes and Rygards.

The decision is aimed at solving the problems of national security, smuggling and violation of international sanctions.

This is reported by LRT.

Last summer, Lithuania also closed two checkpoints on the border - "Shumskyi" and "Tveryachuskyi".

Currently, only checkpoints in Miadininkai and Shalchyninkai operate on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

However, the movement of pedestrians and cyclists through these border checkpoints has been suspended since March.

In addition, it is prohibited to board and disembark passengers at the "Kyana" and "Kibartai" railway border crossings - except for special cases, the decisions on which will be made by the State Border Guard Service.

It was also decided to limit by 50% the number of permits issued to Belarusian and Lithuanian carriers that carry out regular international passenger transportation by buses.

By the way, last year the state security department warned that Belarusian intelligence is trying to recruit people who travel between Lithuania and Belarus.

As reported,

18,000 Belarusians

who arrived before the introduction of restrictions on entering the country will be checked in Lithuania - until 2022.   

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