The Commission for Energy and Water Regulation approved the price of natural gas for March in the amount of BGN 57.59/MWh, excluding access, transmission, excise and VAT prices.

At this price, Bulgargaz EAD will sell natural gas to final suppliers and to persons who have been issued a license for the production and transmission of thermal energy.

reported from the press center of KEVR.

The approved price of natural gas includes: the component price of natural gas at the entrance to the gas transmission networks, the component for the activity "public supply" under Art.

17, para.

7 of the NRCPG and the component for compensating costs under Art.

11a, para.

2 of the NRCPG, covering the costs of "Bulgargaz" EAD for storage of quantities in the gas storage facility in "Chiren", in fulfillment of obligations under the Emergency Action Plan.

The Commission approved the price after an analysis of the current data submitted today by Bulgargaz EAD, forming the price of natural gas for the month of March.

They take into account quotations on international gas markets up to and including February 29, 2024.

The regulator found that the total estimated quantity for the domestic market was provided by three different sources of supply.

The price mix for the month of March includes the entire agreed quantity of Azeri natural gas delivered via the "Bulgaria - Greece" interconnector /IGB/, according to the current long-term contract with Azerbaijan.

These quantities cover 43.08% of the consumption for the month and contribute to the achievement of favorable prices for the blue fuel. 

"Bulgargaz" offers nearly 19% lower gas price for March

"Bulgargaz" concluded a contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with a trader from the region for the month of March, following a tender procedure, subject to requirements for a minimum delivery price and a proposed method of payment.

In the price mix, the public supplier has also included quantities of natural gas extracted from the Chiren gas plant.

The secured quantities cover the commitments of the public supplier for the month of March - to final suppliers and heating companies, as well as the quantities under bilateral contracts with industrial customers.

The approved price of BGN 57.59/MWh is about 19% lower than the price of natural gas in February, which was BGN 71.08/MWh.

KEVR's decision to approve the price of natural gas for March 2024 will be published on the regulator's website.

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