The accident took place on the Ohio River, which divides the states of Kentucky and Indiana, and involved a large number of vehicles.

Photo: Rt en Español.

A group of first responders carried out a spectacular rescue operation this Friday after a semi-trailer was left hanging from the Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River

, which separates the states of Indiana and Kentucky, in the United States, local media report.

The large vehicle was traveling north when it apparently entered the opposite lane and 

crashed into the bridge railing, leaving the cabin and part of the trailer suspended above the water.

A lifeguard managed to rescue the driver who had been trapped inside the cabin and brought him to safety, as seen in a video shared on social networks.

BREAKING: An incredible rescue took place as a semi-truck was left hanging precariously over the Ohio River on the Clark Memorial Bridge, also known as the 2nd Street Bridge, following a collision.

The accident occurred around noon, according to officials, and involved multiple…

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A spokesperson for food distribution company Sysco, which owns the vehicle, thanked emergency services and law enforcement for quickly and safely resolving the situation.

Several officials explained that a car collision had caused the semi-trailer to have to cross into the oncoming lane and ultimately crash into the railing of the bridge, which is currently closed to traffic.

(With information from RT in Spanish)