In Ukraine, the number of women who want to learn to drive a truck is growing.

Now everyone can study for free, the special program is financed by the Swedish government.

Therefore, every woman from any region of Ukraine can fill out the questionnaire and thus submit an application.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Victoria Kovtsun.

How to learn to drive a truck

Iryna says that she has been living in the training camp for the last two weeks, because every day she learns to drive a truck.

She, like 11 other girls, is a participant in a special program that teaches truck driving.

The program is free and funded by the Swedish government.

To participate, you had to fill out a special application, so she passed the selection and left her job as a subway attendant for a few weeks to learn a new profession. 


Every day, Iryna continues to study and after 20 hours behind the wheel, she says that she can easily handle a multi-ton car.

She says that when she dared to study like this, many of her acquaintances rejected her, because they did not believe that she would succeed.

Iryna is driving a truck

Victoria is from Ivano-Frankivsk and truck driving has become a mandatory skill for her since the beginning of the full-scale war.

"It was necessary to go abroad for humanitarian aid for the military, then the thought arose that I will study because it is necessary," she says. 

Her son is currently at the front, and she volunteers.

She says that all her relatives and friends supported her.

Victoria is an accountant by profession.

However, she says that if necessary, she is ready to change her profession in order to help the army. 

Ukrainian women can get a job after studying

Women from different parts of Ukraine come to the camp to learn practical skills.

In addition to driving training, they had trainings on pre-medical care and sessions with psychologists, as well as tours to enterprises where female truck drivers are needed.

The head of the project says that this year they plan to graduate at least three hundred new truck driving specialists.

"The main condition is to be motivated to continue working. It is the profession of a truck driver that can help in any industry at the moment, because logistics are the veins and arteries of our country, and I think this is very important," says Eva Tatarova - program manager of the educational project. 

After completing the driving training, the girls take a practical test and receive a category C license. 

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