In Borodyanka,

Kyiv region

, a pensioner stubbornly set fire to dry grass, despite the persuasion of rescuers not to do so.

As reported in the Main Department of the State Emergency Service in the Kyiv region, a field was on fire, two haystacks were burned, and the fires still did not stop.

"Already during the first trip, the boys saw a Polish grandmother who did not pay attention to them and continued to rake the grass. All efforts to understand her did not lead to anything," the rescuers said.

For the second time, during the fire, two neighbor's piles burned down.

The hostess sat down on the third heap to protect her from the grandmother-palika.

With respect for the grandmother's age, the inspector tried in every way to convince the old woman to go home.

He succeeded in this, but soon the fire came back again.

The rescuers made the third trip together with the police.

A farm field was on fire, and the person responsible for the fire was still unrelenting.

"So we had to drive her away with the help of a cold shower and threaten to fine her," the Department of State Emergency Services in Kyiv reported.

We will remind you that the last day of winter

in Kyiv broke heat records