is open to sending its troops to Ukraine.

However, there is no mention of the participation of Canadian soldiers in hostilities.

Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair said this in an interview with the Toronto Star.

"I do not want to place personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces anywhere near the theater of operations, where it may appear that we are taking on any component of the combat role," the head of the Ministry of Defense emphasized.

According to him, the Canadian Armed Forces could assist in the training of Ukrainian servicemen, as well as act in a non-combat role against Russia far from the front. 

Blair also emphasized that the security agreement between Canada and Ukraine, signed last weekend, provides that Ottawa can return to conducting exercises in Ukraine "when conditions permit."

However, "this should be done quite cautiously and in a limited way, taking into account the possibility of training."

At the same time, the Canadian minister noted that some countries expressed concern that such an operation "would potentially be considered as a combat operation"

"I think there was a broad consensus that it's inappropriate and we're not doing it," he said.

We will remind you that earlier Bill Blair made another

statement regarding the deployment of troops in Ukraine. 

In particular, he emphasized that Canadian troops are stationed in Poland and Latvia to actively contribute to efforts to ensure security in the region.

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