How did Putin want to end the war?

For the first time, it became known in detail under which conditions the dictator was allegedly ready to withdraw his troops from Ukraine.

He sent the agreement to Zelensky back on April 15, 2022 - the day when the breakthrough occurred at "Azovstal" in Mariupol.

Even then, Russia wanted to sit down at the negotiating table, but did not fully explain what it wanted in return.

So what did the Kremlin dictator propose, simultaneously erasing Ukrainian cities from the face of the earth, says Victoria Hnatiuk in an exclusive report.

"Peaceful" negotiations with Russia?

We have heard more than once that Russia is ready for so-called peace talks.

But there is a but.

Moscow presents only its conditions, and does not want to hear anything else.

Every time the leaders of other countries try to talk to Putin, they hear the same thing: about the "bloody coup" in Kyiv in 2014, the Minsk agreements "broken by Kyiv and the West" and how Russia was "forced to recognize" the independence of the self-proclaimed "DNR" and "LPR" "in full compliance with the UN Charter."

When asked about negotiations, Putin assures that he is open, it's just that Kyiv doesn't want to.

Moreover, in June 2023, the Kremlin dictator declared that Ukraine had already failed the peace plan in 2022, and even showed some pieces of paper to the cameras.

In the footage released by the Kremlin, you can see the names on the sheets: these are "Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees of Ukraine" and "Appendix 1. on the Limiting Number of Personnel, Weapons and Military Equipment in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Peacetime."

By the way, both documents are printed using several fonts to show the different readings in their texts between the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

Putin noted that he nobly withdrew the troops from Kyiv (he does not say that they actually drove the Rashists from there), but the Ukrainian government is so bad - it deceived Moscow.

Well, about the atrocities in Buch, Irpen, and Gostomel and in all other villages of the Kyiv region, "puilo" for some reason remained silent:

"But after we, as we promised, withdrew the troops from Kyiv, the Kyiv authorities, as their masters usually do, threw it all into the dustbin of history, let's say it so carefully, and I will try to express myself intelligently... Where are the guarantees that they will not refuse any other agreements in the future?".

Negotiations in 2022 and Moscow's absurd proposals

Agree, it is strange to hear about the refusal of agreements from Putin.

But even in spite of this, Putin continues to wriggle out of himself as a "noble maiden", saying that no matter what, even under these conditions, Russia is not opposed to negotiations with Ukraine.

This leadership of Ukraine, according to Putin, "announced that it will not conduct any negotiations."

The peace talks speculated by Putin in 2023 are a series of meetings between the delegations of Ukraine and Russia that took place in February-March 2022.

At that time, the Ukrainian delegation was headed by the head of the "Servant of the People" faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Davyd Arakhamia, and the Russian delegation was headed by Vladimir Putin's assistant, the former Minister of Culture of Russia, Volodymyr Medynskyi.

A total of four face-to-face meetings of these delegations took place - three on the territory of Belarus and the final one on March 29, 2022 in Istanbul.

It was after the end of the last of them that the parties announced that they had managed to agree on a final communique.

At the time, the BBC reported that the parties had focused on discussing two contracts at the negotiations.

The first of them related to security issues.

According to him, Ukraine had to agree to a neutral status and refuse to place foreign bases on its territory, receiving in return certain security guarantees.

In Kiev's vision, the guarantors were primarily the Western states, which would provide it with support in the event of a new Russian aggression.

Moscow proposed that the list of guarantors include not only Russia, but also, for example, Belarus.

Another agreement related to "mutual respect of cultures" - it discussed, in particular, ways to solve the "language issue" in Ukraine.

Ukrainian and Russian delegations at negotiations in the spring of 2022 / Photo: Associated Press

And already two weeks after the face-to-face meeting of the two delegations, another document appears, already dated April 15, 2022.

By the way, on this very day there was a breakthrough at "Azovstal" in Mariupol, and the Russian military killed both Ukrainian defenders and ordinary civilians.

On those same dates, everyone saw what the occupiers had done in the Kyiv region, how many people they killed, raped, and maimed there.

So negotiations were basically impossible then.

BBC sources in both Kyiv and Moscow claimed that at no stage of the short-term negotiations were Russia and Ukraine even close to Putin and Zelensky sitting down at the table.

And without this meeting, it was a priori impossible to reach real agreements.

Nevertheless, Putin stuck incomprehensible pieces of paper with an incomprehensible status in everyone's eyes, constantly emphasizing that Russia is so holy, it wants negotiations, and the Ukrainians are adamant.

Subsequently, the President of Ukraine issued a decree and on September 30, 2022, Zelenskyi implemented the decision of the National Security Council on the impossibility of negotiations with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

The latter continues to press and talk about negotiations, but at the same time gives orders to shell Ukrainian cities and kill ordinary civilians.

Cynicism is over the top, but less so.

This is not news to us.

All the details of Putin's secret document

On March 1, The Wall Street Journal made a stunning statement and published an article with the full text of the document that Putin had been brandishing in 2022-2023, but had not shared the actual details with anyone.

After reading, the journalists came to the conclusion that the draft peace agreement, developed shortly after the invasion of Russia, shows that Ukraine was facing the threat of turning into a neutered state.

The document, dated April 15, 2022, described how negotiators on both sides sought to end hostilities by agreeing to turn Ukraine into a "permanently neutral state that does not participate in military blocs," barring it from rebuilding its armed forces with Western support. , and Crimea, they say, will remain under the Russian tricolor.

Ukraine now says it will not start peace talks until Russia completely withdraws its troops from the country.

Two years of war have put the dots over and over: Ukrainian society is against any peace agreement, and Zelensky warned that any cessation of hostilities or "freezing" of the conflict will simply allow Russia to rearm and later return to Ukraine again to continue the terrible war.

In addition, the draft agreement states that Ukraine can join the EU, but must forget about NATO and any military alliances in general, and refuse to supply foreign weapons.

What did Russia demand?

Before all this, Russia demanded that the Armed Forces of Ukraine be reduced to the size it dictates.

Putin wanted to limit everything - from the number of troops and tanks to the maximum firing range of Ukrainian missiles.

In terms of numbers, Russia wanted the Ukrainian army to have no more than 85,000 soldiers, 342 tanks, and 519 artillery guns in peacetime.

And the range of missiles should be limited to 40 km.

At the same time, Ukraine wanted 250,000 soldiers, 800 tanks and 1,900 artillery guns.

Putin demanded that the Crimean peninsula, already occupied by Russia, remain under the influence of Moscow and not be considered neutral.

The Russian Federation also insisted that the Russian language act on an equal footing with Ukrainian in the government and courts, which, according to the draft document, was not supported by Kyiv.

By the way, those who say "what a difference" pay attention to this point.

As you can see, there is a difference.

This is one of Putin's conditions for ending the war.

It is important for him that the Russian language was everywhere, and he could then hide that "idiots will protect the Russian-speaking population."

And also, judging by everything, "puilo" is still very afraid of getting to The Hague, because in the alleged document on the peaceful conditions of the end of the war, he added that the International Criminal Court should not investigate the war crimes of the occupiers in Ukraine.

And this is also a very important point.

That is, they killed, raped, abused, and they don't even have to be tried?!

However, the issue of the future of eastern Ukraine, the so-called "L/DPR", captured and occupied by Russia since 2014, was not included in the project.

They say that Putin and Zelensky were supposed to talk about this face to face.

Vladimir Putin / Photo: Associated Press

It will be recalled that in December 2023, the American publication The New York Times reported, citing sources, that the Russian dictator was allegedly sending "signals" to the West about his desire to "freeze" the war against Ukraine and start negotiations.

The publication said that according to two former high-ranking Russian officials close to the Kremlin, as well as American and international officials, Putin is proposing to "freeze" hostilities on the current lines.

But in fact this means that Russia would soon return again, it has long been impossible to trust Putin.

The president of Ukraine also does not see the point in talking to the Kremlin dictator, and calls Putin's weak point.

So, there is no question of any negotiations on Russia's terms.

Ukrainians will never forgive what the occupiers did here.

Well, one more question: how can a person who wants negotiations boast and threaten to use new and new deadly weapons against civilians?

As during the address to the Federal Assembly, when Putin began to tell that a new type of ballistic missile "Sarmat" is being put on combat duty, and that soon everyone will see them in action.

Or how proud he was that Russia struck the capital with a Zircon missile?

Is nuclear blackmail the main scarecrow.

During these two years of war, Ukraine has heard the question many times whether it is time to sit down at the negotiating table.

All these "peacekeepers" just need to come and sit under rockets or in a trench on the front line.

Russia cannot be forgiven for the thousands of murders of our military and ordinary Ukrainian civilians: adults and children.

How real peace is now and, most importantly, on the terms of Ukraine, Zelenskyy explained on February 25 during his press conference, timed to two years of full-scale war, and in fact - ten years.

By the way, as soon as the document got into the hands of journalists, Putin's "talking mouth" - Peskov - appeared out of nowhere.

He stated that the published draft agreement on the end of the war has long been out of date and noted that the conditions have changed.

What has changed is not clear.

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