People's deputy Maryana Bezugla is dissatisfied with the calculations of the General Staff regarding the losses of Russians.

She offered her idea. 

The narodepka made a corresponding post on her Facebook page. 

"If the President already spoke about the confirmed losses of the enemy, and they differ, international studies provide data, etc., then maybe the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Army Inform should conduct an audit of the calculations?

17 tanks and 36 artillery systems?

The time has come for realism, not general selfies with advisers, autographs and assaults on Robotina for a tick.

Ukrainians destroyed and are destroying the enemy, I believe, respect for the truth is necessary," wrote Bezugla.


We will remind you that

People's Deputy Maryana Bezugla ran into her parliamentary colleague Victoria Syumar from the "European Solidarity" faction and her husband on the Internet.