"BDZ - Passenger Transport" EOOD will provide over 9,000 additional seats in trains that travel along the main routes in the country.

This is done in order to ensure the comfortable movement of customers during most of the holidays for the celebration of the national holiday of Bulgaria - March 3.

From today (March 1st) to March 5th inclusive, trains will travel with increased trains on the following routes:

  • Sofia-Varna-Sofia;

  •  Sofia-Burgas-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Svilengrad-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Gorna Oryahovitsa-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Lom-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Vidin-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Pleven-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Petrich-Sofia;

  • Sofia-Pernik;

  • Sofia-Dragoman;

  • Ruse-Sofia;

  • Plovdiv-Sofia;

  •  Varna-Vratsa-Varna;

  • Gorna Oryahovitsa-Plovdiv-Gorna Oryahovitsa;

  • Dragoman-Svilengrad;

  • Mezdra-Vratsa-Mezdra;

  • Pernik-Burgas;

  • Gorna Oryahovitsa-Varna.

BDZ customers can also buy tickets for their journey online, and the system allows 30 days advance sale.

The online system for the sale of railway tickets is available on the official BDZ website - www.bdz.bg, as well as on the electronic address - https://bileti.bdz.bg/.

"BDZ - Passenger Transport" EOOD reminds its customers that when purchasing round-trip tickets, they can enjoy a 10% to 20% discount from the regular price of the ticket, depending on the company's various commercial offers.

Detailed information on the train schedule can be provided by the employees of the "Information" counters and ticket offices in all railway offices and stations

in the country, on the national information phone number 02/931 11 11 or from the electronic guide on the company's official website: www .bdz.bg.

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