The story of Gunther VI became known almost 20 years ago.

The PR version says that the shepherd Gunter was a pet of the rich and lonely German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, who after her death left her entire fortune to her beloved dog and his offspring.

The Daily Star published the details of this story.

The richest dog in the world not only lives better than most people, but literally bathes in luxury.

Gunther has a BMW car with a personal driver, a villa in the Bahamas that used to belong to Madonna and a huge yacht in one of the ports in the Caribbean islands.

His fortune is estimated at 310 million euros.

Photo: Instagram/guntherrichdog

The dog lives in a luxury house in the Caribbean worth 73 million euros, has an entire staff of maintenance staff, owns the Italian football club "Pisa" and travels the world.

Gunter has social media pages where his PR team showcases the dog's life of gluttony, yachting, silly meetings and photo shoots.

The newspaper writes that the money is not actually managed by the dog, but by its legal representative - 66-year-old Italian businessman Maurizio Mian, CEO of The Gunther Corporation.

Photo: Instagram/guntherrichdog

According to Gunter's publicist Lucy Clarkson, when the dog inherited from Countess Liebenstein, a special trust fund was set up to preserve the fortune for Gunter and his descendants.

But later, when they decided to make a documentary about the dog, Maurizio Mian admitted that he made up the whole story with the countess and used the dog as a cover for his investments in the media and real estate.

As it turned out, Mian is an eccentric heir to a pharmaceutical business, and his mother inherited his million-dollar fortune.

Photo: Instagram/guntherrichdog

"This story sounds crazy.

So of course we were intrigued from the start.

And over the years, many mass media have told Gunter's story.

But this time we were able to get unprecedented information," said documentary director Aurelien Letourgie.

"Maurizio lives between reality and fantasy.

And for him, the destruction of the myth about the countess and her pet was a big failure.

He lived in this illusion for so long that it became part of his personality," said the executive producer of the film, Emily Dumay.

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