Negotiations will probably take longer, but there will be an understanding and the rotation will take place.

Vasil Tonchev, sociologist from Sova Haris, said this in an interview for "Day Live".

"If not, it will be a serious political mistake for both formations – it would mean leaving all principles and interpersonal relationships to prevail. The assembly has not fulfilled its function. It is good for the country that it continues," he added.

Tonchev predicts very serious bargaining and a fight for positions.

For him, however, early elections are inevitable.

His prediction is that this will happen in 9 months as it is now "inappropriate".

Radan Kanev: It is really important that the rotation happens

According to him, the problem is not rooted in who will become the minister of foreign affairs. "The whole question is about judicial reform - the Prosecutor's Office, the Supreme Judicial Council.

At least for now, I don't see a view or a formula by which they will come to an agreement," commented Vasil Tonchev.

"It is absolutely possible that Borisov will give up the position of foreign minister and a coalition agreement," the sociologist believes.

He is convinced that there will be an agreement between GERB and PP-DB.

"If there is a coalition agreement, it will be after 9 months, when perhaps there will be no need for the assembly anymore.

If there are serious changes in terms of foreign policy, the situation may be completely different then, the assembly will have fulfilled its mission and it will be time for elections," said Tonchev.

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