The German Navy frigate, which is participating in the international operation to protect shipping in the Red Sea, came close to shooting down an American drone.

The Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany confirmed the incident, which they say happened on Monday.

Their statement said the frigate had opened fire on an allied drone, but did not say whether it was the US.

The Hessen frigate began firing at a drone after failing to identify it, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius explained after the incident, specifying that the objective (of shooting it down) had not been achieved.

According to Spiegel, it is a question of an American reconnaissance drone "Reaper", the price of which is in the order of 30 million dollars.

A German war frigate set sail for the Red Sea

Germany's military department justified the actions of the frigate's crew by explaining that none of their allies had warned them about the flight of the drone in question in the area.

Ministry sources told SPIEGEL that such a misunderstanding in coordination between allies is unacceptable and that communication must be significantly improved.

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