After hearing 15 minutes, the Supreme Court rejected the petition.

New Delhi:

Supreme Court Chief Justice (CJI) D.Y.

Such a petition came before Chandrachud's bench in which there was a demand to digitally monitor the MPs and MLAs.

At the very beginning of the hearing, the CJI warned the petitioner Dr. Surinder Kundra that if he wanted to hear this petition, he would impose a fine of Rs 5 lakh for the loss of public time.

But the petitioner said that he would satisfy the court and needed 15 minutes.

On this he started arguing and cited the Constitution.

He said that people are everything and after winning, MPs behave as if they are rulers.

But the CJI interrupted and said that this cannot be done for everyone.


Chandrachud said how can any MP and MLA be digitally monitored.

Should we put a chip on the shoulders of MPs and MLAs?

MPs and MLAs also have the right to privacy, how can we interfere in it?

Such petition should not be filed in future.

People cannot be given the right to make laws because if we give them the right to make laws then everyone will have their own place.

You are demanding that MPs be monitored digitally but on the other hand crores of people will say that they do not accept this.

In such a situation, only the public representatives have been given the right to make laws in the Constitution. 

The petitioner said that CCTVs should be installed at all the MPs' places and there should be 24-hour surveillance.

This footage should be available on the mobile phones of all citizens.

However, after hearing for 15 minutes, the Supreme Court rejected this petition and said that it was not willing to hear it.

Also CJI Chandrachud said that in this case he is restraining himself from imposing fine this time.

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