The news of the type: "Ninova waved a document and declared: Europe sends us murderers and rapists from Syria and Afghanistan" has already become like air and water for every living being;

like the Bulgarian-Soviet friendship for the kopecks. 

Not a week goes by without them. 

Ninova fights gender, Ninova fights criminal refugees, Ninova fights bad mood on Friday...

Let's think of some kind of award to give her - something honorable, for "total creativity".

Something golden - like an Oscar, and rolled - like... an ice cream cone.

Golden Kurnel. 

If we have to take things seriously (which is increasingly difficult for us when it comes to Kim Jong-un Kurnell), we have to think about what scares us more:


He doesn't understand what he's talking about;


He doesn't know what he's talking about;


He knows and understands, but he lies. 

All three options are equally frightening if true.

We can only hope that it is some unsuspected fourth point that is something great and sane. 

I really don't know what I fear more: that one of the leading politicians, setting the agenda of the country and leading hundreds of thousands of followers, does not understand what he is talking about;

or to understand but to lie. 

Here is a display of manipulation by the lifelong boss of the centenarians. 

Germany is repatriating some migrants.

18 people.

According to the kopecks, these 18 people will flood Bulgaria, but that is another topic. 

Ninova clearly doesn't think this is the strength of the message and "adds". 

Where does it take to "add"?

Here's where: on the same plane, the Germans also put six Bulgarians, criminally proven and tried, in order to return them to us.

Let's repeat: Bulgarians. 

So: 18 migrants and six criminal Bulgarians. 

Ninova "waves a document" which apparently says that Germany is sending us criminal migrants.

It mixes the passengers and makes a nice country stew (be careful who you get on a plane with, tomorrow who knows what they might say about you; especially if you get on a plane with the Swedish women's volleyball team, you might turn out to be tall, blonde Swedish). 

No, seriously... how do you take 1. criminal Bulgarians and 2. migrants on the same plane and turn them into "criminal migrants"?

What is this fantasy, what is this flight of thought? 

No, no, listen, listen: 

"The Bulgarian government and this majority are turning Bulgaria into a penal colony for criminals, murderers, rapists and money launderers.

This was announced to journalists in the parliament by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova and, to illustrate her point, she showed a document in German.

According to her, anyone can see it on the website of the Bavarian State Office for Asylums and Repatriations.

She pointed out that the official document states that on February 8, 2024, 21 people departed and arrived from Munich airport to Sofia.

"Among those repatriated were six people (

***here the information that these are Bulgarians is omitted***

) who were convicted of murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, sexual crimes, robbery and money laundering", Ninova quoted a paragraph from the document


Well, dear viewers... Ninova:

A.) does not know (therefore, she lacks elementary reading comprehension);

B.) lie?

I personally bet on "lie", but that's my problem, I don't know about you. 

And that's how this starts to smell like material with the title (which I admit I was considering) “Ninova Vs.

the truth". 

Very, VERY revealing are the words: "everyone can see it on the website of the Bavarian State Office for Asylum and Repatriation"...

… this is a basic concept in flat-brained manipulation strategies, please don't fall for something so nefarious. 

She knows that most of us don't understand German.

She knows that most of us will say to ourselves: well, if something is SO obvious, in such an obvious place, she wouldn't dare lie.

And she lies (willingly or not). 

And that's it - nobody CHECKS.

And everyone thinks it's true because... it's on the "page of the Bavarian State Office for Asylum and Repatriation"...

"Ninova vs.

the truth". 

Can you figure out HOW Ninova reads documents and what she understands from them?

Or what he wants us to "understand". 

How can we be sure that there haven't been N-eleven other similar cases where the truth has been thus presented?

No seriously, how?

And how can we be sure going forward? 

See more of her elaborate statement on the subject of "migrant criminals", who turned out to be Bulgarians:

"Against the half-hearted and almost non-existent Schengen, they have made a commitment that Bulgaria will become a CENTER OF CRIMINALS (

e-ha-a-a-a! SHOG! BOMB!!11!!1


Many questions arise - where in Bulgaria are these people now, because they should be in prison as soon as Germany claims that they have been convicted.

They are probably walking among us on the Bulgarian streets.

No one gives a meaningful answer, Denkov denies and says that I am spreading fear."

Which is wrong?

I mean - fear mongering. 

We can't, we can't write satire as fast as you create "serious" news. 

Here is the "news" of Nineveh:

Ninova waved a document and declared: Europe sends us murderers and rapists from Syria and Afghanistan

Here is the answer (_)

Kalin Stoyanov on the returned "criminal" refugees: They are Bulgarians and have served sentences


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