The star of the "MasterChef" project, presenter and culinary expert 

Tetyana Litvinova

, who recently

declassified her earnings

, admitted where her 24-year-old son


is currently .

According to the celebrity, her son, after a long study and living in America, flew to his homeland in Kyiv.

Already in Ukraine, he graduated from another capital university.

Tatyana explains this by the fact that he wants to enjoy the time spent with his parents, because his childhood was completely independent.

"He is in Kyiv. He returned and graduated from the Shevchenko University. He does not want to live abroad. This is a conscious choice. He had the whole world at his disposal, he speaks English fluently. From the age of 14 he flew by himself, booked tickets, flew. He is pumped, but disappointed in America. He has many reasons, but as for him personally, he returned to be with his parents. After all, he grew up while staying abroad. Here we have already made up a little bit," the culinary expert said in an interview Glory to Demin.

Tatyana Litvinova with her son.

Photo: Tatyana Litvinova's Facebook

As Litvinova admitted, her son also sees more opportunities with his experience and knowledge in Ukraine:

"He decided that there are more chances for him here with his opportunities, experience, and education to promote himself. It's an organic environment. He loves his country, understands these people," Tatyana explained.

Tatyana Litvinova

In addition, the celebrity worries that the closest person can be mobilized.

Currently, 24-year-old Volodymyr is engaged in volunteering.

"I have him alone and this is a very difficult question. It's like being torn in two. He helps, buys cars... He does a lot in fact, but quietly," the celebrity added.

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the postponed surgery to remove neoplasms

and the rehabilitation after it.