The published footage showed the Russian army launching marches and striking a number of Ukrainian positions on the southern Donetsk axis. Cameras also documented the process of tracking some military vehicles, as troop carriers and artillery belonging to the Ukrainian military forces were targeted in various areas. The special Russian military operation, which began in February 24, 2022, its second winter, and aims to protect the people of Donbass who have been persecuted and exterminated by the Kiev regime for years.

Russian forces thwarted the Ukrainian "counterattack", despite the significant financial and military support provided by NATO and a number of Western countries allied with Washington to the Kiev regime.

During the operation, the Russian forces destroyed much of the equipment that the West had bet on, on top of which were German Leopard 2 tanks, and many American and British armored vehicles, in addition to many tanks and vehicles provided by countries in NATO, which were destined to be destroyed in the impact of the Russian strikes. .

More than a year after the start of the operation, many voices appeared in the West, calling for the need to stop supporting the Kiev regime, which stole money and threw its soldiers into a battle that it knew from the beginning was a failure, against the backdrop of promises made by Britain and America.