The German government presented a report in which possible scenarios of an attack by an unnamed aggressor from


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In its report, the German government presented a "risk analysis for civil protection" to the Bundestag, and also described one of the possible scenarios of a possible conflict between an unnamed aggressor and NATO, based on Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The document states that Russian aggression against Ukraine has shown that modern warfare combines conventional and unconventional operations, including cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns and sabotage.

"An attack by an aggressor — hybrid and/or with the use of the entire arsenal of modern armed forces in all dimensions (land, air/space, sea, cyber and information) on NATO territory... is, therefore, a likely scenario," the report states.

In the report, the authors indicated that this is only one of the scenarios of a possible attack, without specifying what the development of events predicts others.

This scenario breaks down the conflict into four phases.

The German government proposed to take this scenario as a basis for building the concept of civil protection, but added that it may contain changes in the future.

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