Slovakia helps Ukraine as much as it can, but hopes for the beginning of "peace talks" with Russia.

This was announced by the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, after the meeting of the heads of parliaments of the Visegrad Four (V4) countries in Prague on February 29. 

"We all stand for Ukraine and condemn Russia as an aggressor.

On the other hand, after two years of war, after a lot of aid was provided last year, we are currently at an impasse and do not see a solution to this conflict... It would be worth trying to create opportunities for a diplomatic solution..." he said. 

"I am not sure of a military solution without the help of diplomacy.

I am afraid that if we do not try to solve it diplomatically, in a year we will meet here again and we will state that Ukraine has lost several tens of thousands of lives," said the politician, adding that this is his pragmatic opinion.

He expressed hope that there will be politicians who will initiate such peace negotiations that "will stop the killing of people."

At the same time, the head of the parliament admitted that it is Ukraine that must decide in what way it wants to end this war, whether it agrees to join the peace negotiations.

Pellegrini, who has called the war a "conflict in Ukraine" several times, complained that Slovakia was unfairly criticized for its current position.

He recalled that his country provided military equipment from the very beginning and now continues to provide assistance to "everyone who can afford it."

This, he clarified, is humanitarian aid, support for Ukraine on its way to the EU, as well as efforts to ensure that the tranches of financial aid approved by the European Union reach Kyiv on time.

The Slovak parliamentarian also stated that his country is successfully getting rid of its dependence on Russian energy carriers.