Sheremet told Sputnik: “Sending French forces to Ukraine, whose people have become hostages of the Nazi regime led by Zelensky, will be considered an occupation of it, and France will be seen as an aggressor and a party to the conflict.” According to him, the idea of ​​French President Emmanuel Macron to send forces “Dead and impractical” will not save “Zelensky (the Ukrainian president), who is drowning and is ready to cling to any straw.” Last Monday, a conference was held in Paris at the initiative of the French president to support the Kiev regime, and the leaders of about ten countries were invited to it, including Germany and Britain. Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. After the meeting, Macron said, “The participants discussed the possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine, but they did not reach a consensus.” He also added that “France will do its utmost to prevent Russia from winning this war.” The next day, several authorities announced From European countries, there is no talk of sending military units to Ukraine. In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow will consider the participation of Western military personnel in the conflict in Ukraine as an escalation. At the same time, according to Deputy Speaker of the Russian Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, the The contingent of European countries will become a legitimate target for the Russian army.