The German Ministry of Defense confirmed that there had been an accident involving an allied country’s drone on Monday, without mentioning the name of this country.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the Hessen frigate opened fire after efforts to identify an unidentified drone "failed", but he clarified that the target "was not hit."

He added that it later turned out that the drone was a "reconnaissance aircraft."

According to the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, the German frigate fired two missiles at the drone, but they fell into the sea due to a "technical defect."

Der Spiegel reported, without naming its sources, that the drone that was almost shot down was an American Reaper.

She added that it may have been active in the region “as part of an American counter-terrorism mission” and had nothing to do with the Red Sea mission.

For its part, the Frankfurter Allgemein newspaper confirmed that "it is known that American drones are being used in the region and have nothing to do with the operation in the Red Sea."

The German Ministry of Defense indicated that the frigate fired its fire only after its allies did not inform it of the presence of drones in the area.

Spiegel said that military officials believe that the friendly fire incident showed that coordination between allies participating in various missions in the region surrounding Yemen "needs improvement."

Hessen arrived in the region at the weekend as part of a European Union mission to help ensure the safety of international shipping in the Red Sea and protect commercial ships from attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen.

The German army announced earlier, on Wednesday, that the frigate successfully thwarted an attack on Tuesday evening, by shooting down two Houthi drones.