Rajasthan Police signed MoU with MISO.

Rajasthan News:

Rajasthan Police will work in collaboration with e-commerce company Meesho to create awareness among people about online fraud in the state and to curb the incidents of cyber crime.

In this regard, an agreement (MoU) has been signed in the presence of Director General of Police (Cyber ​​Crime), SCRB and Technical Services, Dr. Ravi Prakash Mehra at Jaipur Police Headquarters on Wednesday.

Digital transactions will get a boost

Superintendent of Police, SCRB Manish Kumar Choudhary on behalf of Rajasthan Police and 'General Counsel' Lopmudra Rao on behalf of 'MISO' signed the MoU.

According to a statement from the police, under this agreement, work will be done towards public awareness through social media platforms and training of parties on all essential issues related to the security of online transactions.

With this, an environment will be created to promote secure digital transactions with alertness and awareness among the people.

Rajasthan Police signs MoU with 'MISO' to curb 'online fraud'.

Will increase public awareness on social media platforms.

The MOU was signed in the presence of DG, CyberCrime, SCRB and Technical Services Dr. Ravi Prakash Mehra and IG SCRB Shri Sharat Kaviraj.

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— Rajasthan Police (@PoliceRajasthan) February 28, 2024

Also worked with Karnataka Police

'MISO' has also worked with Karnataka Police in this area in the past.

Now it will work in collaboration with Rajasthan Police.

Mehrada said, 'In the world of online transactions, many new methods of fraud by misleading people are coming to light.

In such a situation, under this agreement, experts of Rajasthan Police and experts of e-commerce company 'Miso' will work in partnership to create an environment of safe digital transactions through awareness among the people.

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