Kevin de Armas, Central American and Caribbean champion, and Pan American silver in 2023, will be in his first Olympic Games.

Photo: Roberto Morejón/ JIT

The Cuban Greco players

Kevin Yurán de Armas (60 kg) and Yosvany Peña (77 kg) achieved their respective tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games this Wednesday

, in a continental classification tournament held in the Mexican city of Acapulco where the also Antillean Daniel Gregorich (87 kg) was left at the doors of the passage.

In the lowest of the Greek style divisions,

Kevin obtained the ticket after beating the Dominican Yerony Arturo 10-0 in the semifinal.

In that lawsuit, ours left no room for doubt about his talent and achieved one of the most relevant results of his career.

The runner-up at the 2023 Santiago de Chile Pan American Games practically secured the spot from the previous phase, when he beat the American Hafizov Ildar,

his executioner in that continental event,

7-3 .

In this way, in Acapulco he achieved a revenge that was extremely enjoyable for him.

Yosvanys Peña had an excellent performance.

Photo: Roberto Morejón/ JIT

Meanwhile, in the 77 kg Yosvany Peña also got the ticket to Paris 2024 after also dominating by 11-1 superiority the Brazilian Joilson de Brito Ramos, runner-up of Santiago de Chile 2023. The Venezuelan

had finished in bronze in that event, but now his performance improved and he will repeat his presence under the five rings for the second consecutive games.

In the Aztec city,

Peña had an excellent competition, marked by a successful 8-0 debut against Canadian John Yeats.

Meanwhile, in the 87 kg category,

Daniel Gregorich fell short of expectations and lost in the semifinals to the American Spencer Woods.

In that match, decided with a score of 6-3 in favor of the northerner, ours did not manage to impose his quality against a rival who has never achieved a victory in world championships.

Before that fight,

Gregorich—four-time continental champion and current Pan American Games titleholder—

began the day with a 9-0 victory by technical superiority against the Chilean José Antonio Moreno.

In order to repeat its Olympic presence achieved in Tokyo 2020 and in the process complete the Grequistas team,

now ours should look for a place in a world classification tournament, agreed between May 9 and 12 and which will offer three places in each division.

Daniel Gregorich must have a new opportunity in the world qualification tournament.Photo: UWW

Although in the fight the quotas are for the country, and not exactly for the athlete who achieves it, it is presumed that now together with Kevin and Peña,

Cuba will attend the French capital in the 67 kg with Luis Alberto Orta, in the 97 kg with Gabriel Rosillo and in the 130 kg with the extra class Mijaín López.

This Saturday the women will see action in freestyle.

For Cuba, Yusneylis Guzmán (50 kg), Laura Herin (53 kg), Ángela Álvarez (57 kg), María Fernanda Santana (62 kg) and Brenda Sterling (68 kg) will go to the mat.

In the 76 kg,

the Island already has a guaranteed ticket thanks to Milaymis de la Caridad Marín, so it will see action in this division.

Cuba was in Tokyo 2020 with twelve representatives in the fight.

Of them,

the Grequistas had the best performance with a full team of six exponents

, while in the freestyle the men and women got three places in each sex.

In the end, the Island enjoyed the titles of Luis Orta and Mijaín López, along with the bronze of Reineris Salas.