An 18-year-old student has become a victim of online bullying.

Stefani Ivanova's phone number is distributed in a closed group in "Telegram", where users share pornographic materials.

Her contact is published with a message that those who wish can find sexual services on it for a fee.

So, for several days now, the girl has been receiving dozens of unwanted messages and calls.

On Saturday, Stephanie surprisingly started receiving messages on Viber.

Women are the main targets of hate on the Internet, suffering abusive language and harassment

"Boys have been sending me for sexual services that I don't offer.

That's how I understood", Stefani tells Nova TV.

Received messages every 10 minutes.

Her photo was stolen from her Viber profile.

She has no idea who could do this.

The student turned to GDBOP.

"They told me from there that they couldn't help us and to block anyone who called me," Stephanie said.

"Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case," said Yana Alexieva from the National Center for Safe Internet.

"The proposal to block the numbers is not meaningless.

But for me, the conversation about how the institutions support it is much more serious here.

We at the Safer Internet Center can help.

I urge her to write to us or call 124 123 so that we can assist her and describe this case.

We are working with "Cybersecurity" and GDBOP and to hand it over to them," said Alexieva.

According to her, with a written report with the help of the center submitted to "Cybersecurity", an investigation will begin due to the distribution of personal data.

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