According to the Syrian Observatory, 4 violent explosions sounded in the Sayyida Zeinab and Basateen area of ​​Bella in the Damascus countryside, resulting from the targeting of two sites in the area.

Social media users published videos that they said were of the Israeli bombing of the Sayyida Zeinab area, while the Syrian News Agency published a video that it said was of confronting “hostile targets” in the vicinity of Damascus.

The Syrian News Agency reported in a statement that “our air defense forces responded to an Israeli missile attack and shot down most of them, and the losses were limited to material losses.”

She added: "A military source stated that at approximately 21:35 pm today, the Israeli enemy launched an air attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting a number of points in the Damascus countryside."

According to Observatory figures, since the beginning of this year, Israel has targeted Syrian territory 17 times, 11 of which were air and 6 were ground.

According to the Observatory, these strikes resulted in the injury and destruction of about 36 targets, including weapons and ammunition depots, headquarters, centers, and vehicles.

These strikes killed 35 soldiers, in addition to wounding 13 others with varying serious injuries.