To stop the Russian dictator


, the countries of the West need to change their methods of struggle.

Yulia, the widow of the Russian opposition leader Oleksiy Navalny,


this during a speech in the European Parliament .

She noted that Russian aggression against Ukraine has been going on for the third year, which is why "a lot of fatigue" has appeared, although Putin has not gone anywhere.

Navalny said that the most terrible thing here is that "everyone has become accustomed to war" and believes that in the end they will have to negotiate with the dictator.

She said that the murder of her husband showed that Putin "is capable of anything and that he cannot be negotiated with."

Navalny urged Western politicians to stop being "boring" and act more innovatively.

"It is impossible to harm Putin with another resolution or another package of sanctions, which is no different from the previous ones. It is impossible to defeat him by thinking of him as a man with principles, who has morals and rules. (...) Putin is the leader of organized crime group. It includes poisoners and hired killers, but they are all pawns. The main thing is people close to Putin, his friends, henchmen, keepers of the mafia treasury," Yulia Navalna said.

She noted that Putin is not a political competitor, but the leader of a criminal group, therefore appropriate methods should be used against him.

"Not diplomatic notes, but an investigation into financial fraud. Not an expression of concern, but a search for mafia henchmen in your countries, inconspicuous lawyers and financiers who help Putin and his friends hide money," Navalny stressed.

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