A number that was not expected to change the results of the primary elections, but it will greatly confuse Biden’s calculations in the general elections next November.

US President Joe Biden was able to win the primary elections in the state of Michigan by more than 80 percent over his rival, Dean Phillips.

Biden's victory came within the framework of unsurprising expectations in a state known for millions of Arab-American voters of Middle Eastern origin, most of whom are concentrated in the Debreborn suburb of Detroit.

Biden's victory was offset by a large number of Democratic Party voters voting for the "non-committed" option, as a protest movement against the White House's policy towards Gaza.

  • Arab Americans in Michigan do not want Biden to return to the White House.

  • High turnout in Michigan's two-party primary.

  • Biden's support for Israel in its war on Gaza caused him to lose a segment of his electoral base.

  • Those running the campaign to abandon Biden announce the expansion of the campaign to other swing states.

 Director of the Legislative Law Program at George Washington University, Casey Burgat, said during his interview with America Today on Sky News Arabia that the policy adopted by Joe Biden regarding the war on Gaza had a significant impact on the results of the primary elections in the state of Michigan.

  • President Biden by a large majority received more votes than he received in 2020.

  • There were 60,000 protest votes in the state of Michigan calling for people to abandon voting for Joe Biden in the primary elections.

  • If Biden loses 3 percent or 5 percent of the Democratic vote that voted in 2020, this may be enough to lose not only Michigan but some other close states in the issue of voting for him.

  • The presence of these protesting voices would pose a danger in the US presidential elections.

  • The candidates are considered among the most important supporters of Israel according to history, and this will have an impact on the percentage of votes in the state of Michigan, which is considered the largest state that hosts the Arab community in the United States.

  • Joe Biden has greater chances because he is in power and has the ability to make decisions that can change the course of the election.

  • Biden's change in his policies towards Israel regarding the war on Gaza would change the electoral balance in the United States.