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Wildfires in Texas continue to spread relentlessly and burn thousands of hectares in their path.

At least one person has died in Hutchinson County from the fire, as firefighters struggle to contain the flames amid unusually hot, dry and windy conditions.

"We have one confirmed death from the Scotts Acres Fire," Hutchinson County Public Engagement Coordinator Deidra Thomas told CNN.

Since Monday, fires have consumed at least 415,409 hectares, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Burned areas continue to increase as most fires have little or no containment.

  • Texas wildfires spread out of control as Governor Abbott declares disaster for 60 counties

A building on fire in Canadian, Texas.

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What fires are active in Texas?

Smokehouse Creek Fire

  • It is the largest of the fires in Texas with more than 343,000 hectares burned as of Wednesday afternoon.

  • It is contained in 3%

  • It is on track to break the record for the largest fire on record in Texas, the East Amarillo Complex Fire, which burned 367,149 hectares in 2006.

  • The forest system estimates that the Smokehouse Creek Fire has consumed more land so far this week than all the fires recorded in Texas in 2023.

Windy Deuce Fire

  • It has burned more than 57,400 hectares

  • It is contained in 30%

  • Located in Moore County

Grape Vine Fire

  • It has burned 12,140 hectares

  • It is 60% contained

  • Located in Gray County

Magenta Fire

  • It has burned 1,010 hectares

  • It is contained in 40%

  • It is located in Oldham County


Reamer Fire

  • It has burned 809 hectares

  • It is contained in 10%

  • Located in Hutchinson County

Fires could continue for days

Active fires could rage on for days as the fire continues to grow and severe weather looms.

“We haven't put out all the fires,” Troy Schwiegerath, Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of Pampa and Gray County, Texas, told CNN.


Pampa and Gray County are located northeast of Amarillo.

“We'll have three more days of fire,” Troy said.

Schwiegerath says the Texas Forest Service is helping fight the fires.

“Thank God the winds stopped,” Troy said, adding that firefighters were able to come up with a plan and save the city of Pampa last night.

Other towns were not so lucky.

A building burns in Canadian, Texas.

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Recorded damages

There are no injuries or deaths in Gray County, according to the city's Emergency Management coordinator, but it will take days to get an accurate count of the damage.

So far, no deaths have been reported in the towns of Canadian and Panhandle, but local communities report significant damage to homes, which has not yet been accounted for.

At least 100 homes have been affected by the wildfires in Hutchinson County, according to Moore County Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Brooks.

Some wildfires burning in the town of Panhandle, Texas, crossed into Oklahoma on Tuesday as they spread.

At least 13 homes in the state are estimated to have been destroyed, despite there being no active evacuations in Oklahoma on Wednesday, Emergency Management spokeswoman Keli Cain said.

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