Marwan Barghouti is currently serving several life sentences in an Israeli prison.

According to reports, the Palestinian leadership considers Barghouti a key figure in any potential peace negotiations and demands his release as part of any agreement.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper had confirmed that Hamas was holding on to three prisoners to complete the next deal with the Israeli side, and indicated that the three prisoners were Marwan Barghouti, Ahmed Saadat, and Abdullah Barghouthi.

Qatar plays the role of the main mediator between Israel and Hamas to reach a truce in Gaza and release hostages held in the Strip since October 7.

Last weekend, the French capital, Paris, hosted meetings that included Qatari, Egyptian, American, and Israeli security officials, which gave rise to a positive atmosphere related to the broad outlines of a new agreement that may ultimately lead to a ceasefire and truce in the Gaza Strip.

On February 18, the Israeli Prisons Administration transferred prisoner Marwan Barghouti from solitary confinement in Rimonim Prison to solitary confinement in Ramle Prison.

His transfer was the second, as he was transferred in December 2023 from Ofer Prison to solitary confinement in Ayalon Prison - Ramla and then to Rimonim Isolation.

The head of the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, Qaddoura Fares, said at the time, “The repeated transfers of Barghouti to solitary confinement in light of the continuing prevention of lawyers from visiting him raise real fears for his life, especially since this is accompanied by direct and continuous incitement against him in the Israeli media.”

Fares stressed that "Leader Barghouti's positions regarding the issue and fate of his people are firm, and that targeting him with solitary confinement, torture and attacks will not undermine his resolve and his firm will to the inevitability of freedom and self-determination."