People's deputies of the VRU Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence write about the consideration of the draft law on military service, mobilization and military registration (#10449).

They write in detail, comment, speak with a dignified look and presentation, as if the trial really lasts for three days.

In fact, it does not last.

People's deputy Maryana Bezugla wrote about it. 

"To do so much air racing is an art!"

According to the member of parliament, no specific amendments have been made yet.

And there are 4195 of them.

"Colleagues courageously discuss the "topics" of the draft law, then vote for these "topics" and continue to discuss. This is the know-how of Committee Chairman O. Zavitnevich. For example, there is a philosophical discussion about how to grant some postponement, but specific amendments are not understood! I am impressed by the courage of the people deputies, to carry out so much air racing is an art!", she noted. 

If events continue to develop like this, Bezugla is convinced, we will not receive a hearing in a month.

Therefore, we will not receive prepared answers regarding when it is possible to release those mobilized from 2022, what rotations, recruiting, military training, conscription rules, etc.," the MP writes.

Bezugla claims that the committee generally has more than one such "successful" case of pathetic plotting of reforms.

In particular, she recalled:

The Committee has more than 200 unconsidered main draft laws and more than 500 additional ones.

They are simply ignored.

"This trash is growing, but the "elephant in the room" is not visible? Well, they tried to bully Maryana for the truth. Almost everyone. Who benefits from this? Only the Russians. And quite a number of people's deputies, obviously. They talked and talked. National Security Committee , defense and intelligence of the country, which is in the biggest war since the Second World War. Regardless of factional affiliation. 20 People's Deputies," the scandalous People's Deputy noted.

She added that she "marked all the risks", and achieved a format with a transcript of the meeting so that it was recorded.

But at the moment, he almost does not take part in this, until they "move to specific amendments".

Earlier, Bezugla "ran over" a colleague in the parliament.