The scandalous American televangelist Tucker Carlson, who was recently used by Russian propagandists for a more than two-hour conversation with the president of the aggressor state, Vladimir Putin, said that he never understood from the Kremlin host's interview why Ukrainians need to be "denazified".

He said this in the podcast of another American journalist, Lex Friedman. 

In this conversation, which lasted even longer than Putin's interview, Tucker Carlson made an unexpected statement that, obviously, will not please the Kremlin propagandists.

Friedman asked a colleague what he thought about the Russian dictator's attempts to justify the invasion of Ukraine by the need to carry out "denazification".

"I really didn't like the whole part of the conversation with Putin where he was just trying to smear Ukraine. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I never understood what 'denazification' means. There is no Nazi movement in 2024 year. Calling Ukrainians Nazis is somehow very childish," he said.

The journalist added that the Russian dictator simply hates Ukrainians as a people, as a nation, and is trying to justify himself.

Tucker Carlson did not even comment on the "historical" part of the conversation with Putin, in particular his excursions to the ancient times of Rurik.

It will be recalled that during his interview with American provocateur Tucker Carlson, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin told a fictional "history of Ukraine" for almost half an hour.