Actor and author of Studio "

Kvartal 95


Yuriy Velikiy

released 224 parodies during the full-scale war.

Among them are parodies of our enemies, of various odious politicians and propagandists, and collective images of characters from the people.

In the "Breakfast with 1+1" studio, Velikiy told which of these characters are his most favorite:

"I have a lot of favorite parodies. I like the same parodies that the audience liked the most. This is a parody of Oscar Kuchera's interview with Yury Dudy. And a parody of a tourist who did not want to leave Crimea. By the way, after the first parody of tourist, I shot three more about her. And viewers always write in the comments that this is one of the most favorite images. I think that it is these characters - from the people, and not parodies of specific public figures, that people like the most. Of course, it's bad, that we have so many bad reasons for such jokes and parodies. But we have to make fun of our enemies and we will do it because people need it - I can see it by the number of views of each parody," Veliky commented.

Yuri the Great

The other day, Yura's new parody of two more favorite characters from the people was released - the Russian soldier Vanya and his wife Nastyukha, who dreams of her husband's death.

"Occupant Vanya and his wife Nastyuha have not appeared on my YouTube channel for about a year and a half. The last time viewers could see this couple was in the satirical-patriotic comedy "Bunker". I thought that these characters were undeservedly forgotten. I called Nastya Orujova and offered to record a new parody. But we are currently rehearsing the new concerts of "Edyny Kvartal", Nastya still has some filming of her own, so there is not much time. But she agreed. She says: "Okay, come on, I'll try to record something at night." And I part of it was also shot at night. And the very next day we had a new parody of Vanka and Nastyukha," said Yuriy Veliky.

The audience will be able to see live new parodies performed by Yuri Veliky already this weekend - on March 2 and 3, large charity concerts of "The Single Quarter" will be held in Kyiv.

Don't miss out - charity concerts of "The Single Quarter": March 2 and 3, 5:00 p.m., Kyiv, NAU Culture and Arts Center (Lyubomir Huzar Avenue 1).

By the way, these concerts have a charitable purpose - to help our military.

The proceeds from the tickets will go to help the Armed Forces - for the urgent needs of our defenders.

"Kvartalivtsi" constantly help and support the military - they go with performances to our heroes, help them with everything they need - from cars to drones, ATVs, thermal imagers, walkie-talkies and other things necessary for our victory.