If you want to taste your cucumbers already in May, then you should use the advice of experienced gardeners.

They shared a wonderful method of sowing cucumbers in a mini-greenhouse made of plastic bags.

We tell you when and how to sow cucumbers for an early harvest.

When to sow cucumbers in 2024 according to the sowing calendar

So that the harvest of cucumbers was early, it is necessary to sow seeds already in March and at the beginning of April.

Usually, the manufacturer indicates on the package which are the best periods for sowing seeds.

In 2024, according to the sowing calendar, the best days for sowing cucumbers will be:

How to sow cucumbers for an early harvest: the best method

  • First, you need to choose the right variety of cucumbers.

    In order to get a harvest already at the end of May, you should take the appropriate seeds - early/super early/ultra early varieties.

  • Soil preparation.

    The soil should be loose and nutritious.

    The ideal option would be humus and ordinary garden soil in equal parts with the addition of perlite for loosening.

  • Take a disposable bag, pour one and a half liters of soil into it so that the upper part remains for binding.

    Make holes for drainage with a toothpick.

    When transplanting, you can simply cut the bag and lower the plant together with the soil into the hole.

    In this way, you will not disturb the roots, the plant will not get sick and will quickly give a harvest.

  • Before planting seeds in bags, feed the soil with water with the addition of any fertilizer.

    There should be 2 seeds in each bag, in order to then be able to get rid of the weaker sprout.

    If the seeds have already been processed, then you can put one seed at a time.

  • Place the bags of cucumbers in a container where the water will drain.

  • Now make a greenhouse.

    To do this, just tie the top of the package with a knot and put it in a warm place - not far from the battery or under a lamp.

    So the seeds will sprout much faster.

  • By mid-April, the cucumbers will have grown, they can be planted in the greenhouse, and in May you will already enjoy your fragrant, crunchy vegetables.

  • The heads will be about the size of a fist: just add this to the water when you feed the garlic

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