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Posters with portraits of Israeli hostages held in Gaza during a demonstration calling for their release in Tel Aviv on February 8.

Credit: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

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Families of hostages begin 4-day march from Gaza to Jerusalem

By Pauline Lockwood

Families of hostages still detained in Gaza have begun a four-day march from Gaza to Jerusalem, reiterating calls to secure the release of all those who were kidnapped on October 7.

The families will be joined by former hostages, survivors of the October 7 Hamas attack and members of the general public.

"We call on the public, our families, our friends, to join us in this March of Hope from Gaza to Jerusalem. March with us for the hostages," said a statement issued by the Forum headquarters. Hostage Families.

"No one must be left behind. The State of Israel cannot be fully restored without ensuring the release of all hostages, the living and the murdered."

15 mins ago

Families of deceased Palestinian-Americans demand answers from the United States and Israel

By Yahya Abou-Ghazala and Alex Marquardt

Mohammad Ahmad Khdour, a 17-year-old US citizen, was shot dead in the West Bank.

From the US/X Office of Palestinian Affairs

The last moments of Mohammad Khdour's life could be those of any American teenager: driving out during a study break, eating chocolate waffles, posing for Instagram.

Those carefree moments with his cousin on the slopes of Biddu in the occupied West Bank were captured in photographs and videos reviewed by CNN.

They were extinguished, his family says, when an Israeli gunman opened fire on their car and shot 17-year-old Khdour in the head.

The death of Khdour, a Florida-born U.S. citizen, just weeks after another 17-year-old U.S. citizen was gunned down in strikingly similar circumstances in the occupied West Bank, has highlighted frustrations among Palestinian Americans who say the United States You are doing little to respond to the death of your loved ones.

Videos after the Feb. 10 shooting show several people running toward the damaged car, pulling Khdour's limp, bloody body from the broken glass.

Khdour died hours later in a Ramallah hospital, his family said.

The Israel Defense Forces referred questions about the case to the Israel Security Agency, which did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

Some context

: The deaths or detention of American citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories by Israelis and concerns about a lack of accountability go back years.

In 2003, 23-year-old American activist Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer while trying to stop it from razing Palestinian homes in Gaza.

Nine years later, an Israeli civil court ruled that Corrie's death was an accident.

15 mins ago

Gaza chapel offers refuge to Palestinians as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families

By Khader Al Za'anoun, Abeer Salman and Sana Noor Haq

An interior view of St. Philip's Church in Gaza, February 13.

Omar Qattaa/Anadolu/Getty Images

A curly-haired little boy walks wearily through St. Philip's Chapel in Gaza City, northern Gaza, as Israeli drones fly overhead.

Shattered concrete and blown-up buildings surround the luminous white walls and pink stained glass windows of the church, which has become a makeshift emergency room for Palestinians injured in Israel's military offensive.

Mohammed Taysser Sadallah Al-Zarik, an amputee, is one of those patients.

"I'm calling on everyone to help me get out (of Gaza) and get an artificial limb for my leg," he told CNN on Tuesday.

"I can't stay like this anymore."

Al-Zarik, 22, says he was wounded in an attack in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City, which also killed his cousin.

His disability was worsened when doctors found a tumor and had to remove another part of his leg, according to his father, Abu Mohammed Al-Zarik.

"I hope they take him out of here for treatment, there is no treatment here," said Abu Mohammed Al-Zarik.

"There's nothing left here."

In recent weeks, the Israeli military has stepped up airstrikes on parts of central and northern Gaza.

Entire families have been devastated and shelters for displaced people have been razed.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians who once found refuge in hospitals are now fleeing again, as medical facilities across the enclave are crushed by shelling or under siege.

Further south, in Rafah, some civilians are rushing north ahead of an anticipated Israeli ground offensive.

Several Palestinians told CNN that peace cannot be found in the rubble.

"I call on all authorities and the world to look at my son and have mercy on him," Al-Zarik's father pleaded.

“The young man is only 22 years old… His life has just begun.”

15 mins ago

Here is the situation of a possible agreement between Israel and Hamas

By Richard Allen Greene, Mostafa Salem, Rob Picheta, Ibrahim Dahman and Eyad Kourdi

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the White House on February 8.

Nathan Howard/Getty Images

After US President Joe Biden projected optimism about reaching a ceasefire deal with hostages in Gaza later this week, officials from Israel, Hamas and Qatar have distanced themselves from his comments.

While meetings are taking place, there are disagreements over “numbers, proportions and troop movements,” Majed Al-Ansari, spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry, said Tuesday, without giving further details.

He is probably referring to the number of hostages released for Palestinian prisoners and the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from parts of Gaza.

Earlier this week, CNN reported that Hamas had backed away from some key demands in negotiations for a deal and a pause in fighting in Gaza, bringing the negotiating parties closer to an initial agreement that could stop the fighting and free a group of Israeli hostages.

according to two sources familiar with the discussions.

Reuters and Al Jazeera reported that Hamas was reviewing a draft proposal for an initial ceasefire that would last about six weeks, during which 40 Israeli hostages would be exchanged for 400 Palestinian prisoners.

The Israeli official confirmed to CNN on Tuesday that the hope was that about 40 hostages would be freed in the initial stage of the deal, and that Israel was insisting that female soldiers be included in the group.

What a truce could look like: Teams from the United States, Egypt, Israel and Qatar met in Paris on Friday and in Qatar on Monday.

Those involved in the discussions said an agreement would likely be implemented in multiple phases.

Once an initial agreement is reached, it could lead to a truce lasting up to six weeks, with the release of a group of Israeli hostages, including women, children, the elderly and the sick, in exchange for a smaller number of Palestinian prisoners. than Hamas had initially demanded.

During a truce, negotiations would take place on more sensitive issues, such as the release of male Israeli soldiers held hostage, Palestinian prisoners serving longer sentences, the withdrawal of IDF forces, and the permanent end of the war along with the so-called "morning after problems."

15 mins ago

Israeli film director Yuval Abraham says he received death threats after calling for a ceasefire

Israeli director Yuval Abraham, left, and Palestinian director Basel Adra speak on stage during the awards ceremony of the 74th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin on February 24.

John Macdougall/AFP/Getty Images

Israeli journalist and film director Yuval Abraham said he is receiving death threats and canceled his flight home from the Berlin International Film Festival amid backlash to an acceptance speech in which he denounced the “situation.” of apartheid” and called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Abraham and his Palestinian co-director Basel Adra accepted the Best Documentary award on Saturday for their film “No Other Land,” which chronicles the evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank by Israeli authorities.

His speeches were met with accusations of anti-Semitism from senior German and Israeli officials, including the mayor of Berlin and the Israeli ambassador to Germany.

“A right-wing Israeli mob came to my family's house yesterday to look for me, threatening close relatives who fled to another city in the middle of the night,” Abraham alleged in a social media post on Tuesday.

“I keep receiving death threats and had to cancel my flight home.

This happened after the Israeli media and German politicians absurdly labeled my Berlinale awards speech, where I called for equality between Israelis and Palestinians, a ceasefire and an end to apartheid, as 'anti-Semitic.'"

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