Cardinal-Secretary of State of the Vatican Pietro Parolin said that French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal for Europe to send ground troops to Ukraine opens a "frightening scenario", reports Vatican News, quoted by "Focus".

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On Monday, Macron announced new steps to help Ukraine fight Russian aggression, saying he did not rule out the possibility of deploying Western troops to meet the European goal of defeating Moscow.

French journalist: Macron wants to enter the big game around Ukraine

"It's a really scary scenario," Cardinal Parolin said on the sidelines of a Vatican event, "because it will lead to an escalation that we've always tried to avoid. It's a scenario that I wouldn't call apocalyptic, because maybe that's an exaggerated word at this point, but it's certainly scary," he adds.

Asked about possible reasons for Macron's proposal, he said it was probably because after two years of war there was still "no prospect of a solution on the horizon, either militarily or through negotiations".

"It would be ideal to really find a way to get the two sides to start talking and having a dialogue," adds Cardinal Parolin.

"I believe that if we talk, a solution will be found."

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